WANTED FOR TRADE - will trade ponies for stuff!

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    I'm in need of some oddly specific stuff for my various collections and I will trade ponies for anything on this list! Check my sales list if you want to see what I have to offer!: http://mlparena.com/index.php/topic,391030.0.html

    Here goes!

    Vintage Miniature Playsets/"Polly Pocket" sets - specific pieces needed

    -any of the pieces from the Whomping Willow set
    -Snape, suit of armour, table from Hogwarts Castle set
    -Quaffle from Quidditch set
    -***Real Action Heroes or Star Ace Severus Snape*** (will trade literally anything you want for this. I mean it. Literally. Anything.)
    -Gentle Giant Snape bust - Year 3
    -Any Enesco/vintage merchandise. Let me know what you have!
    -Pretty much anything Snape-related.
    -Any foreign-language or special editions of the books

    Monster High
    -Picture Day Operetta (either version)
    -Dance Class Operetta
    -Collector's Draculaura

    Anime Figures
    -Any of the Sailor Moon SHFiguarts (except Super Sailor Moon, I especially want Jupiter!)
    -Sailor Jupiter Figuarts Zero
    -Sailor Jupiter Figuarts Crystal
    -Sailor Jupiter POP!
    -Any of the Madoka Magica Figmas (except Homura)
    -Haruhi Suzumiya Figma
    -Team Rockets Figuarts: JAMES/KOJIRO ONLY
    -James/Kojiro Banpresto GEM

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