G1 Want to buy: Molly & Baby Sundance accessories


Feb 18, 2012
I'm looking to buy a G1 Spike. Having Dream Castle has decidedly bumped him up on my priority list, but the little guy is not exactly common on eBay. I found one listing for him, and I might go for it, but I figured I'd try my luck on the boards too.

Currently looking to buy Baby Sundance's bridle, and the light purple-pink comb and bird brush too (though these have lesser priority than the bridle).

I'm also interested in a few other things at the moment, but they're lower priority than what's listed above:
  • The goblets and plastic flags from Dream Castle
    [*]A yellow shooting star brush
    [*]Scoops' hat and apron from the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
  • Rosedust's comb (green flower pick w/pink flower centers)
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