Want List


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 15, 2019
This is more of a want list than wish list. Like everyone on earth I want the Mountain Boy ponies, Greek variants etc. so I’m not listing all those, but of course if you have any speak up!
For those curious my holy grail pony is now the sitting Easter pony from Greece, currently on Ebay!

G1 year 3☁
Rainbow Pinwheel
Rainbow Confetti
any sea ponies with shells
baby sea ponies with floats

G1 year 4☁
SS Heart Throb
SS Posey
SS Lickety Split
SS Gusty
SS Cherries Jubilee
SS North Star
SS Lofty
SS Bouncy
SS Twist
SS Scrumptious
SS Sundance

TE Sweet Pop, Speedy

BBE Shady

Flutter: Peach Blossom, Forget Me Not, Honeysuckle

Most Pearly baby sea ponies with floats

G1 Year 5☁
SS: Angel, Crumpet, Taffy, Bangles, Twilight

TE: Mimic, Quackers

Princess Royal Blue & Eager
Princess Serena & Cheery
Princess Primrose & Chumster

Flutter: Wingsong, Cloud Puff
Big Brothers Quarterback, 4 speed

First Tooth Baby: Bouncy, North Star, Tic Tac Toe, Quackers

Newborn Twins
Milkweed & Tumbleweed
Dibbles & Nibbles
Jangles & Tangles

All Sea Sparkle baby sea ponies except Dippers float

Zig Zag Zebra

G1 year 6☁
TAF Buttons
All Princess ponies

Sundae Best: Coco Berry, Crunch Berry, Swirly Whirly, Sherbert

Brush & Grow: Ringlets, Twisty Tail, Pretty Vision

Big Brother Chief
Peek a Boo Baby: Graffiti, Snippy, Noddins

Newborn Twins: all but Sniffles

Summerwing: Lady flutter, Buzzer, Sky dancer

Most Watercolor baby sea ponies

Sweetberry Cherry Treats
Pony friend Oakly the Moose

G1 Year 7☁
Merry Go Round: Flower Boquet, Sparkler

All Candy Cane ponies except Sugar Apple

Sunshine Ponies: Wave runner, Seaflower

Perfume Puff: Sweet Lily, Dainty Dahlia, Daisy Sweet white hair

Baby Brother: Racer, Waddles, Drummer, Countdown

Windy Wing: Whirly, Sun Glider

Newborn: Wiggles, Shaggy, Squirmy

Most Sweetheart sister
Sweet Celebrations Family
All ponies & Pretty pals but Pockets & Hoppy

TAF Sundance

Year 9☁ (no year 8 wanted)
Rockin Beat: Tuneful, Sweet Notes

Sparkle Baby Firefly
Merry Treat
Glow n Show: Star Glow, Dazzle Glow

Most Pretty Ponies, most Teeny Tiny
All secret Surprise, both Princess

Most year 10☁

Mail Orders/ other special:☁
Birthflower: Violet, Daisy, Water Lily, Chrsanthemum lol bad spelling

Satin n lace, Tux n Tails
most Sparkle Ponies with cheek symbol
Baby Sisters, Baby Birthday ponies
All TAF babies but Sugarberry
Mommy & Baby
Clipper, Sweet Scoops, Rapunzel

Not a complete list but close. Thanks for reading. I am interested in trading for G1s, not buying. Please message me for trades.