Update, got a Reply from my Lawyer today 3/13/2019. How am I Character name wise ? Trademark Registration WIP.


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Apr 26, 2017
Update... Asked some Questions to my Trademark Lawyer yesterday... Got reply today..

TM Lawyer Response.... ( Your assessment is pretty good, Laurie.

Since it's a relatively large time and money investment on your part, it's still a good idea to get a lawyer's opinion on potential copyright infringement. You've done what you can to minimize the artistic elements of that, which is great, but having a proper legal opinion would provide some comfort to me, were I in your place.

If you're careful about your designs, your names, your plot points, and your general lore, you should be able to avoid most of the major pitfalls. You probably know enough about MPL to dodge the big ones.

This would have been much easier about 100 years ago...)

Here is two Samples of my Stories...

Do they stand out enough, what do you think ?

Just Finished a New Character a day or so ago..,


You can see the Style Changes here.. Dumped the Birthmark look., There will he Birthmarks in the future, however just like us it would be more like a blemish of a different unique color. How am I Name Wise Should I change any ? What do you think?

Yes there are nowyou Three Stone Crystal's in this world. However I had so much fun making them I want to design more.. What do you think, should I Craft More Stone Mystic Crystal's?


Even the Guardians have their own Mystic Relics...


Your advice Guidance and Direction would help me into this Journey of Creativity. That Reminds me Got to get back to writing, or I'm not going to sleep Tonight, plus I want to make more room for dreaming new stories to write.

Will keep you all updated.. Thank you for your Kind Words and Support. Feel free to toss in some advice, Your Input is highly important.

And no matter how great or small, yes even Spitfire"s who Tell it like it is, Is welcome. I learned the Value of True Pure upfront honesty.

Want to Vent and call me Crazy, Yup I welcome this too.

Hugs Everyone.


My Registered Copyright For My New Current Artwork Designs Got approved Today. Now I have to wait until The Government of Canada Sends it out.

I learned that Copyright Protects artwork made before the stamp date, not after. in order to protect my new artworks now, have to get a Current Copyright Certificate. So the New Stuff will be Protected in Volume 2.

Future works made after the date, will need a New Copyright as well.

I'm new to all this however, I'm learning as I go.

as a Special Treat a new Species..... Sharnoda



Looking over my Designs one stands out above the rest.


I love her Furry Body... So I'm making it Official.. Going to Ditch the Curve in Favor the the Stylish Furry Look... For all My Clyonies, Unidales, Clyasus, and Clyuniasus.

so far, how do you feel with the fur style look.



What do you think of my Trademark Logo. Will this help Clarify the Confusion Between Both Brands ?

The reason I Chosen the Word '' Clyony '' Is because The Clyony was the First Species in the World to Evolve .

Brief Bio What is this all About..........

"'Almost two years ago I started off with a single Doodle, gave her a name and a few random stories. Within that time frame the content grew in a Massive huge Size.

Illustrated over 100 characters.. All are from my Written novel series. Granted they are not all loaded in my Deviant Art page

Over 30 New species, many different and creative worlds. Guardians of ( earth, fire, Air, water,) protectors of the North and South pole, Keeper of the sun, keeper of the moon. Keeper of seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

And way more...

All written works all planned out

many chapters, written. planing to publish novels in my Work..

I put my heart and soul in what I done. I love to create. So I decided to register a Trademark my Logo. here in Canada . That flows with The world I built and created.

Thank you all For Your Kind Words and Support.

Will Keep Posting Updates on Progress on my Trademark


Laurie Ann Garland ( Future Registered Trademark Owner In Canada )
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Apr 26, 2017
Good luck! Hope it passes for you :)
Thank You Friend.

Yes I will get my Trademark, . And will have Two Protections...,. This is the First one.....

In Trademark Protection.......

“’My Little Pony’’ Falls in This Category ( ,Suggestive. )

Suggestive marks ‘suggest’ rather than describe a feature or characteristic of the good or service. These marks require thought, imagination and perception to reach a conclusion about the goods or services to which they apply. For example, the mark COPPERTONE for suntan products is considered suggestive because it suggests to the consumer that a user of the product would get a “copper tone” to their skin. Most suggestive marks, depending upon their uniqueness, are considered to be strong to very strong and are generally protectable.

“ This one is Secret, besides I'm redesigning my Logo with more creative detail ’’. Falls in this Category. ( Fanciful ) My Trademark.

Fanciful marks are made-up words that only function as a trademark. Some well-known fanciful marks include GOOGLE, REEBOK, and POLAROID. Fanciful marks are the strongest marks and are afforded the strongest protection.

I already have Registered Copyright in Canada. So on the Artistic Side of my Logo Trademark it is Also Protected under Copyright.too.

Impossible Trademarks can not be Copyrighted too?


"'the more Well Thought out of the Uniquness of the Design in your Logo. The More Detailed Looking more Distinctive within the Trademark Logo. Will warrant More Powerful Protection it will hold giving the Trademark additional rights in Copyright Power as Well.''

  • I written all the Literature Works.
  • Invented new words to identify variety of species
  • Illustrated creative Creatures that flow with the Species.
  • Yes I even have Poetry skills too
  • i even Built New Lands and a Whole New World
  • And even Designed my Own Trademark Logo to Protect everything I created and Built.
And it was all within almost Two years.,. A New Franchise is born through just one Person, with a Crazy Wild Inagination.''

and what I created Will Rival Hasbro MLP Franchise.

"'My Little Pony'' VS Rival '' My Chosen Logo.''

Hasbro will not take to Kindly to Rivals. And look over the World I built with a fine Tooth comb... But the more they keep searching the more they will green with Envy. And start to try and get into my good graces, to sell merch out of my franchise.

I created this world from the bottom up with my wild imagination, and have zero interest in marching the cotton candy fluff out of it.

I cherish Creative Pure Storytelling, Beautiful illustrations and Creative Designs. I love the Music Industry with their Amazing wonderful Music of Inspirations in a Sea of Variety, YOU MUSIC ARTIST ROCK. And the Entertainment Industry with their motivation to bring to the big screen something so brand new.

The only toys I would ever get into in Plush the rest NO.

Lego is not a toy, its a perfect flawless educational too. And I cherish the creativity you can make out of their Lego"s.

Im fascinated with Sculptures, however I do not want people into an obsession over collections over it.

Greeting Cards are my Core Strength, over 50 poems written personally. and I Love and Cherish the Creative Artist in their Original Unique Creative skills

Im not like Disney Mattel, Hasbro or even Nickelodeon.

And yes I understand the importance in not overdoing it.

I will keep giving you updates, right up to the very day, I get the Email, Congratulations your officially now a Franchise Owner

Laurie Ann Garland


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Sep 2, 2013
I hope it all works out well for you! How excited you must be!


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Apr 26, 2017
I hope it all works out well for you! How excited you must be!
Thank You..

Meanwhile I'm Having the Time of my Life Creating.. One Problem Which Name to Give this Beauty... Can't decide..


Meet My Two Partners in This Project. Alex Blue Bird Professional Illustrator. And Lion Cub Creations Professional Plus Designer.. They are both Epic in their Skill..

22945 22946 22947

I will keep posting and Updating...

Laurie Ann Garland
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Apr 26, 2017
Fingers crossed!!! Good luck :ponylove:

Thank You Friend,

Been doing a lot of reading to better understand Trademarks, learning more about copyright..

Once I get My Trademark in Canada. I plan to Get my Trademark in USA too.

Keep checking my Above Listing since that is where I will be placing news and Updates. .


PS, Love You Signature. Its Cool.

Laurie Ann Garland.

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Jun 25, 2014
Best of luck.


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Apr 26, 2017
Best of luck.
Thank You...

This is one Wait, that will totally be worth it...

I love to Multitask, Its fun and Cool to Explore other possibilities..

Off Topic, ......

I have a Special Treat For all you Harry Potter Fans out there, I wrote this ''What if '' Piece Just for you all, Hope you Like it.

Fan made Novel "Hidden Secrets of the Potters''

Log Line ''The Greatest Threats are the ones you Can Not See and Know Nothing About.''

During the pregnancy of their second child, Harry Potter, his six year old sister Maple Rose Potter , mysteriously vanished without a trace. The Potters Consumed in grief, yet knowing the importance to make sure their second child was born healthy and well. Were forced to wait until the birth of their child, to continue their search. yet as the time grows close a new threat is made known to the Potter family.

Not to long after the birth of their son, the potters fall victim to the the threat that took both their lives. Harry's mother quickly casting a magic spell protecting their child from the dangers that threaten to take his life.

As Harry Grows Up, Making many friends, defeating many foe's. Successful in The final battle to help set the balance of good and evil.

Harry Potter Married and had a family two sons and a Daughter...

Yet this is merely the start of his life..,

Late one night, Harry Potter in his study, hearing a faint knock at the door. "'Come in the door is open.''

Lilly Luna Potter quickly enters her fathers study, closing the door shut. Looking distress full of worry'' Father my friend needs your help...''

Harry looking down at his daughter, knowing the whimsical stories she would tell him, smile on his face.'' I'm not sure if I can be much help,'' seeing the sad expression on her face.wanting to give her some comfort.'' perhaps I can try.''

Lilly looking up at her father, hopeful expression on her face.'' She is trapped, lost and afraid.''

Harry getting a bit uneasy, usually his daughter would talk about fairies, mermaids, even flying unicorns, this was very unusual even for her.'' do you know where?''

Lilly, tears in her eyes worried about her friend.'' She did not say, she told me to find her brother, he would know what to do.''

Harry Potter, concerned.'' Did she tell you her name, perhaps I can look up her family history at the ministry tomorrow," Quickly Grabbing a Piece of Parchment on his desk, dabbing his quill and ink.

Lilly, wiping the tears from her eyes.'' Maple Rose Potter.''

Harry finding it odd, puzzled his parents were the only known potters in the wizard world, mumbling to himself ( could there be a second potter family, perhaps our families are related in some way.) or maybe her parents were half muggles or wizard's. Yet seeing the fear in her eyes. Knowing how important it was to her, needing more information. Questions her further.'' Did she say her parents or brothers name, when she spoke to you.''

Lilly, getting up on her fathers lap, looking down at the parchment, her friends name Written in her father's hand writing.'' She told me her parents where expecting her baby brother, at the time she was taken away from them. She cried wanting to go home with her family, yet the dark figure refused to let her leave.'' remembering the time she last saw her.'' She would secretly sneak away from him, appear in my dreams, at first we would just play dolls, skip in puddles or just skate on a frozen pond together. Yes the Last few dreams she spoke about her future baby brother.''

Harry Potter a flurry question swirl through his mind, yet not wanting to interrupt his daughter.'' can you tell me what you remember.''

Lilly drifting off into her memory of dreams. ''we are playing, taking turns on the swing, she told me her parents came to her, said she was going to be a big sister. She was so happy, during the early days they were deciding on a name.. For their child...Maple Told me she helped them with a name for her baby brother, she had a plush puppy her parents bought for her for her 5th birthday, seeing his long harry look. That is when she made the Suggestion. Harry. I asked her what if the baby was a girl, she said no. The baby was a boy. How could you tell, she said she knows. Her parents decided the full name would be Harry James Potter.''

Harry Potter, Overwhelmed, he was kept in the dark all his life about his parents, family members and their friends, having only the memories of the final moments he last saw his mother alive remembering the sound of shrieks of pain surging through his mother from Voldemort's final strike that sadly took her life. Only a photograph left behind to help remember their faces.

Who was Maple Rose Potter, why did his parents kept her a secret for the outside of the home. His family had friends and knew his parents well, why would they not bring her up, and what about Serious Black why have he not mention his niece, not even once.

Could she have been the first victim of Voldemort, or was there another foe hiding in the shadows yet far more sinister that the one he defeated.

Lilly looking up at Him. Lost in a blizzard of Questions '' Father her brother does have the same name you do. Is it possible that she is your sister? could we be related?''

Harry Potter, snapping out of his mixed thoughts, looking at his daughter, concerned and worried look on her face. '' I don't know, but I'm going to find out.can you remember anything else.''

Lilly going back to the last dream she had.'' Maple told me she had to stay away for a while the dark shadow like figure was growing suspicious.''

Harry Potter looking up at the clock on the wall in his study, midnight. "' its getting late, your mother would be furious to see you up at this hour.'' getting off his chair picking up his daughter, bringing her to her bedroom, placing her in her bed, pulling the sheets over his daughter tucking her in snugly, kissing her on the forehead, ''get some rest, if she comes back in your dreams tell me at once.''

Lilly looking at her father standing in the door way.'' You will help Maple, Won't you.''

Harry Potter looking back at his daughter.'' I will do everything I Can.''

yes I just wrote this Right Now.. What do you Think about this? It open the World of Harry Potter all over again.

Not going to go deeper into writing this fan fiction story, since I got my own novel series to write about.

However I'm just curious to find out how many out there, like this sudden twist, on the Harry Potter series..

Written by Laurie Ann Garland

Hope you like it, Its a Great way to Pass the time while we wait for our Questions to be answered..

Hugs Everyone, and Thank You for you Kind Words, Motivation, and Never Give up What you love to do..

its people like you who inspire me to keep going.

Hugs and Thank You Everyone...

Laurie Ann Garland