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Apr 18, 2009
Here is my persona Star_Flare. The line art is from a G3 MLP coloring book page, I just altered the mane a tail a bit and colored her in Photoshop. I'm rather proud of her all the same since she was my re-introduction to using both Photoshop and my digital drawing pad after 3 years of not touching either (lost the program disk in my last move and no money to buy another, I finally found it just after I joined the MLPTP). This is version 0.2, the first Star_Flare signature pic had no shading and her tail was just barely changed from the original, so the stripes looked a little strange. I fixed her and I'm pretty sure this is the final version.

I'm thinking of making an adoptable similar to my sig pic, but it might be a while. I combined all my layers in Photoshop before saving the original (foolish, I know), so I'll basically need to start over with the orignal line art.

Star_Flare is a sweet little pony, who can be shy and is not particularly graceful (at anything), but if she thinks of you as a friend she'll help you out any way she can!

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite thing to do: Star gaze on clear nights.

Favorite flower: Lotus
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