So much Pony Mail!! ... First Set Completer's, First Adult Nirvana & Customs :D


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Sep 25, 2013
Last week I have had so much pony mail :bliss: has been a lot of fun hehe. Now that the last girls have just arrived thought I would do one massive brag to show them all off :LOL:

On to the ponies :satisfied:
Lets start with this Re-haired Baby Quackers I got her from SalemSparkler who was nice enough to do a trade with me for one of my surprise make-up boxes :LOL: - ( ) As soon as I saw this girl I was like I neeeeeeddd her hehe just so cute! Here she is with her 2 sisters I got before Christmas & there mum I got just after Christmas hehe

Then I got these 4 gorgeous girls from BrightEyes on the arena in The Little Swap :ponylove: was so excited when I saw all of these love them all hehe & Whirly is a set completer!!! I just love Creamsicle was so surprised to get her thought it would be years yet until I get her hehe

Here is my complete set of wingers :LOL: !!!!! :yippee: :cheer: :freak: (these are all with there original hair & wings :satisfied:) This is my first complete set I do have Baby Katie, Billy & Susie but they dont have there pets yet

Ok so someone got in the way of the camera just as I took the picture haha typical :tongue: the girls had to have the sniff of approval first apparently :LOL:

Then we all of these lovely girls, accessories & bait came today from Nhal039 on the arena she swapped these for 2 surprise make-up boxes - for her sister in-laws - ( )

Here is Baby Lemon Drop & Baby Meadowsweet back with her sister Baby Berrytown (who was mine already)

Then we have BRAZIL STARSHINE!!!!!!! :LOL: :satisfied: :allecto::ponylove: she is so pretty & is my first Nirvana Adult!!!!!!!!! :smilepony:

& here she is with my Magic Star that I re-flocked the other day

Theres still more :shocked: ......

Next I did some trades (pony trades)with Pandabear_chan & she repaired a few girls for me & I brought 1 custom from her & my boyfriend brought me another 1 from her as a Christmas present :LOL: (there are still loads more that I want hehe)
Ill start with the trades first & repairs first :satisfied:
I got these 4 super cute Teeny Tinies as part of the trades .... eeeek they are just tooooo cute!

Here they are with all there sisters the teeny tiny's are taking over! :winkpony: they are currently all in my little bros room lol, he came back from uni last night & loves teeny tinys so I decided to hide them all around his room to make him giggle :tongue: they will stay there until he goes bk to uni haha :tongue:

Then we have these 3 & there is Starry Wings too I just forgot to add her in the photos we did a trade for her hehe. Whirly was a trade Panda fixed her up :LOL: she has new hair & new wings that she makes :satisfied:
Buzzer was one I sent for repair she needed wings & panda gave her a lovely new tail :ponylove:
Then there is Moon Jumper she was a repair too poor little girl had a bite mark on her foot :cry: you cant tell it anymore :LOL: I cant even remember which foot it was on lol she just looks perfect you cant tell that she ever had a horrible bite mark

Closer picture of Whirly & Buzzer's lovely new wings hehe

Ok now on to the best part the customs!!!!!!!!!! :shocked: panda had already shown me some pictures before they got here & I was already like OMG they are stunning but then they arrived :shockpony: & they are even more stunning! :satisfied: just love them hehe
I got.... Sweet Wingers Lollipop & Liquorice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeekkkk
:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss: (I will get candy as soon as I have some spare money hehe)

Here is Lollipop Winger with Lollipop :ponylove:

I just love these they are so well done just completely flawless :LOL:

Here are all my wingers (so far) together :satisfied: hehe

I didnt get these 3 this week but for Christmas :LOL: but I havent shown them off properly yet hehe

Sorry for the picture spam hehe just so many beautiful ponies & pony friend arrived this week
Hope you like them all :satisfied:
Thank you for everyone who I got all these beauties from

autumn rose

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Jul 26, 2005
Rock-on! So incredible! Sweet! All those wingers and custom wingers, I love it! Amazing, simply amazing!


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Sep 2, 2013
Oh Lollipop! They're all so cute! The newborns especially... I love all of them!

Your rehairs are lookin' awesome too. :satisfied:


Jan 30, 2014
SO COOL CUSTOMS! :LOL::shockpony::satisfied: and other ponies are also very lovely ;) but I fell in love with lollipop and liquirice wingers ;)

Big congrats! :smilepony:


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Feb 25, 2014
They're all so pretty! ^^ I especially love your G1 babies. Congratz on the fabulous collection!

And... BERRYTOWN! Oh, how terribly I miss her... she was my favourite baby pony from my childhood. I hope that I can find her again one day.


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Sep 7, 2010
Wow huge congrats on all your lovely ponies :453:, I love your re-haired baby Quackers :ponylove::eek:k:

bigmlpfan xx