Sketch phases- pencil sketch to full color


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Took 3 different scans of the different phases of one drawing composition.

First scan on the furthest left, is the loose pencil concept sketch.

Second scan (middle) is the inked phase of the sketch, where I inked over the pencil in 5 different sizes of pen, then after the ink dried I erased all the pencil away.

Then the third scan (furthest right) is the final full-colored phase of the drawing. Colored in watercolor pencils, blended via dampened Q-tip, then finishing highlights done in while milk gel pen.

Subject here is fursonas. Mine's on the furthest right, neko vixen Mana Lai Ayerus, middle character is anthro unicorn Laiminar, character on the left is Twilight Folf~

We three are a happy family~

I could come up with a endless list of concepts and ideas just based off of these 3 characters~

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That is really sweet! Right-on!