Six Re-rooted Ponies x-x


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Oct 18, 2017
So here’s all six of the ponies I re-rooted this week. Over all I am pretty happy with the finial product on most.

My favourite being Salty - he may very easily be one of my favourites in my herd now. I did a lot of work to restore him.

I’m considering keeping Twilight’s mane and tail long. She reminds me a lot of Fluttershy in this pose and the hair colour is a perfect Flutters match in my mind as well. Not sure though.

Then my Skydancer and Seashell both need to have boiling water over their manes again- hence the zip ties. Lol I will post new pics of them once they’re dry and purdy again.
501CC1E2-62D5-4871-B7BB-1C4991CF7A8E.jpeg 723D6CF8-9FAF-4168-8108-AA0737F2B28C.jpeg
09D737AA-5D21-4334-8D1B-5CA732331C9D.jpeg 9D0B431B-595A-4C77-A0FB-1E5E3A130B22.jpeg 0F153ABC-ED36-43B5-9C44-9B7A36D8B453.jpeg 80F7B7C8-6F3B-46A7-B9A6-57101874E559.jpeg 7D80AED6-8590-405E-8C8C-06A01ECA62F4.jpeg 5EA17BFB-E863-4B57-953C-D3BFA0103551.jpeg


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Jan 20, 2018
Great job. I have to get back in rerooting and customizing. It's been about 15 years since I've done any of that.

Also, I'm a little disturbed by seeing Seashell being choked by a zip tie :O