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    I'm afraid I don't know how to post individual pictures here very well, but I did set up an album where you can see them all. The pictures mostly speak for themselves, but I did note any specifics that are not very visible. All have been cleaned and hair conditioned. If you have any questions, let me know. I'll give discounts if you buy multiple ponies. I will charge actual shipping cost, so give me your zip code for a quote.


    Here's a list of the ponies in my for sale album, along with general conditions and prices.

    Lickety Split very good $8
    Moonstone good $5
    Moonstone fair $3
    Peachy good $5
    Cherries Jubilee very good $7
    Blossom good $6
    Cotton Candy good $5
    Windy good $5
    Buttons very good $10
    Sherbet very good $8
    Peppermint Crunch fair $5
    Baby Hearthrob very good $4
    Sweet Stuff fair $3
    Banana Surprise very good $10
    Scoops good $6
    Mommy Sweet Celebrations very good $6
    Skylark good $8
    Pony Bride very good $8
    Sky Rocket very good $10
    DJ very good $7
    DJ fair $4
    Twirler good $4
    16 prepped bait ponies $20
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