Selling my G3's!


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Jun 22, 2005
Hello! It's been a looooong time since I've visited the forums (3 years? omg)

I'm selling off my G3 collection. The auctions go live tonight, Monday 5/21 at 9pm EST and end this Saturday.

I've completely run out of storage space and I realized selling off parts of my collection make more sense than renting a storage locker (insert all of the LOLs here)

I'm selling them in lots - and I apologize in advance that I am unable to respond to any questions/mix-and-match ponies from different lots/combine shipping (they're already boxed and weighed, so what you pay for shipping is the *exact* cost). I've been very busy lately and know that I will probably wont have the time to respond to questions/offers/make deals/etc.

SO! What you see in each lot is what you will get. They are all "collection worthy" and, believe me, I'm pretty darn picky. Nothing less than very good condition. Worst flaws are moderately frizzy hair or a stray mark or two. Their hair is messy as they've been stored in cardboard boxes in my linen closet for a loooong time.

You will find the auctions here:

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