Season 5 Xmen:Evolution Girls


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Oct 8, 2008
Well a bunch of you guys know I'm big into comic books, and into Xmen Evolution. What some of you might not know is that I'm doing a fan fic series where I pick u where Season 4 left off. I'm nearly done with Season 4.5, and I want to start of Season 5 in Janurary. So I found this doll base on dA and wanted to draw up most of the Season 5 girls in their Season 5 outfits!

So from left to right:

-Storm is done as she appeared in the final episode of Evo
-Jean is too
-Kitty is too
-Lorna is my own design; she was never in Evo but in my Season 4.5 she arrives as Wanda and Pietro's younger half sister
-Wanda appears as she does in the final episode
-Birdy is my own version; in the comic book world she was only around f or like 1 mini-series, but I liked her relationship to Sabertooth so I brought her into the Evo-verse to tag along after him
-Laura is actually younger than she appeared in the final ep; I don't like how there she was 18, so here she's younger. Plus my Season 5 is 3 years later not 5-7. So her outfit is a bit downgraded
-Rogue appears as he she does in the last ep
-Roulette is my own character (as you all know) and this version of her looks more like her "comic book" design, but I wanted her to look more like she was part of the Xmen team.

So this pretty much took me the entire day...been a long time since I did good pixel work. But I wanted to share cause I worked really hard and it turned out really good I thought ^^

Base by
Storm, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Polaris, Scarlet Witch, Birdy, X-23, Rogue (c) Marvel
Lorna and Birdy designs, and Roulette (c) me

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Sep 14, 2009
They look great! I'm an X fan.
I spend way too much money on Comic each week, most of them being X-men.

I love your look, very nice. I may need to start reading yours as well.