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Oct 18, 2017
Hey guys, I was wondering - when you add a pony to your herd, do you add a tail ribbon?

If you do, how long do you usually make it? Do you try to get ribbon closet to the OG one OR do you do what looks best?

Would a tail ribbon make a difference to you when purchasing a pony?

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Jun 25, 2014
When I get a new pony I absolutely add a ribbon. Excepting boys who get bandanas, sea ponies who get small, decorative hair clips and moulded ponies.

I try to keep it long enough for me to make a nice bow, but not too long. I don't have an exact length or science and I don't always get it right.

As I'm not too big on accessories, with the odd exception, it makes no difference to me if they come with a ribbon.

I prefer to buy my own ribbons. I have a box full of em in fact. If I like the color, I'll try to go for the closest shade I can find. If not, I'll pick something I feel is more complimentary to the pony's colors.

I find that normal width ribbon goes best on G1s, and thin ribbon best on Babies, Flutters, Wingers, G3s, G4s and presumably 3.5s.

I'm unsure of how thick a G2's tail is, so no advice on that.
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Sep 7, 2008
When I get a new pony I absolutely add a ribbon. Excepting boys who get bandanas, sea ponies who get small, decorative hair hair clips and moulded ponies.
I think that's a good idea I never put umm clips on sea ponies. I unusually use the standard ribbon and tie it to their hair but idea its nice too. I still have quite a few bandanas to work on. :/


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Jun 9, 2005
I love tail ribbons. I sell ponies and add ribbons, I buy ponies and add ribbons. I usually get my ribbons at Hobby Lobby (when they have them half off) or at Walmart. I've had many of my buyers request that I include the ribbon in the pictures I take which I always do. I think it just adds. I don't have a set measurement that I cut them, just something long enough to tie.


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Jan 20, 2018
I like to add ribbons. I have some originals and many I've made from ribbon at Michael's. I have also been buying cheap hair barrettes. I love styling up my Perfume Puffs. Actually, I guess you would know, since you have one of them.