Returning from short post-breakup hiatus again


Apr 1, 2012
Hey everyone, so sorry I disappeared without warning. I'm not avoiding anyone on here, and I promise all your packages will be on your doorsteps soon! I just recently went through another hard breakup and it was difficult to motivate myself to get out to the P.O.!

Most of you who traded with me last fall remember my long hiatus from a breakup and I apologize for that inconvenience. If it was up to me, it wouldn't be a problem at all. They come without warning and when I get really attached to someone it hits me hard. This year I decided to avoid dating all together. It's my senior year of High School and it's too much to deal with. I just know if I date anyone it will end with us parting ways to go to college or whatever is next, and I don't want anyone holding me back. No more emotional ties this year.

I want to invest my time in friends more, and I have more friends on the web then anywhere else. I tend to trade ponies more when I'm single and I really enjoy the company of other collectors, and my pen pal buddies who swap things with me. It's so fun sending and receiving things from you guys!

So I'm back on my feet now and there's no need to worry about me, I just wanted to let everyone know where I vanished to and what I'll be up to.


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Apr 25, 2012
I got into pony customizing during a time where I was single for like 6 months. :) I made shopping expeditions for the craft supplies, really studied concepts... it made me decide what I was officially going to go to college for!

Single times is a good time to get into the ponies, lol. Get the ball rolling for yourself with school, keep your feet grounded on your path... then some day you'll find a guy that supports your hobbies and won't make you want to quit what you do and the things you enjoy most in life. :)

(Beautiful avatar, by the way!)


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Jun 11, 2005
Sorry to hear about the break up, it sucks. It's good you pop in to let others know you're still around and are aware of transactions and making good on them.

It'll get better, we've all been there before.