Prices for 2003 Target Winters??



They were alot more plentiful then their 03 counterparts.

from what I have sene on e bay recently (and even now) they arent going for more then 5 bucks each MIB.


i bought:
mittens for 10
candy cane for 15
still looking for the other one

i have a lot of ppl asked up to 55 a peice for them though.....some were more reasonable at 25 dollars but 50 to 55 dollars for one g3 just does not seem something i can pay

the 2004 i got the set of 3 for 18.00 MIB to keep plus i have some out of the box

does that help?


Baby Boomba

If it helps at all, I've been seeing an auction for the set of 3 with a BIN of $75 on ebay, which included free shipping. That auction was relisted again and again though I believe, as I kept seeing it. I sold my first set of them, all mib, together for $80 which included shipping. I would venture to guess that you would get more for them if you sold them separately, as some people may be missing just one of them, and won't wanna pay the whole she-bang to get one pony. Hope this helped a little. :D

Dancing Butterfly

I sold the three seperately this weekend on eBay, and they ended as:

Mittens: $26.99
Candy Cane: $36.00
Snowflake: $58.51

My thanks to all who bid on all my auctions. It was hard to let many of them go, but it all helps with a down payment on our new home! :)