Price Check Dolly Mix G1/Unopened Loyal Subjects Blind Box


Hamster Dancer
Dec 12, 2005
Hi all,

So I took Donna’s advice from Parks n Rec (TREAT YO SELF) and splurged on a case of Loyal Subjects MLP to try and get the pony (Minty!) I wanted, and got her in the first one I opened! Now I have eleven unopened blind boxes left, and I’m looking to sell them. What are they worth in your opinion?

Also I have a bunch of tiny unopened Dolly Mix G1 ponies in their original plastic with tiny brushes. The blind bag part is open but the pony is untouched in its bag and I have most of the little mini posters. Thoughts on value? I live in the Midwest US area and these are from the UK. I have Minty, Gusty, Lickety-Split, Blossom, Snuzzle, Medley, Bluebelle, Mainsail, Tic-tac-toe, Lemon Drop, Heartthrob, CottonCandy.

Thank you for your advice!