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PC on Mexicans


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Mar 4, 2015
So... wanting to work on a partial trade/sale... But I have no idea on the value of some of my dear Mexicans...

Of most ponies the price range from 5-10 (CP Auriken), but the question comes with the rest of the ponies... My eBay search has been no lucky...

So now:

Description and basic pic:

Alt. color Swirly Whirly
Missing tail and forelock, and the last plugs of his mane.
Hair is dry.
Symbol and eye rubs.
Has a brownish spot over his tail hole.
As is common with these ponies... he is gooey.

Twilight/Starflower/Perfume Puff pony
Her hair is dry and uncut, and the ends are a little frizzy.
Her symbol on the right side is almost gone, while on the left has some rubs.
Her eyes are really nice =3

Hair is a little dry at the ends, and a little cut.
Nice symbols and eyes, just a little smear on her right eye.
Biggest issue? Her lips are stained erd, with maybe lipstick or highligting?

Orange-haired Starflower 1
Hair cut and no symbols.

Orange-haired Starflower 2
His mane is ut and the ends are realy frizzy, tail is nice.
Really nice symbols!
Left eye has a little smudge.
The inside of his ears and hooves are tinted pink.

Orange-haired Starflower 3
Uncut hair and tail =3
The ends are really dry and frizzy.
Nice symbols.
Eyes are not 'clear' (the paint is smeared?)
Biggest issue? The tip of his horn has been cut -.-

Normal-haired, apart symbol Skydancer
The first plugs on his mane have been cut -.-
Hair is long and a little dry.
Eyes are re-made.
Different marks (pen, highlightin marks) on his body.

Missing the first hair plugs, most likely factory error.
Symbol almost completely faded.

She'll be amazing if not for a detail... she's been a victim of a dog, possibly.
Her right ear and left front leg have marks of his battle, which she got alive from.
Pale pink/white hair version.
Nice eyes
Missing a tulip from her right side symbol.
She also has a pink stain on her mouth.

Newborn Twin Tattles
Cream colored as is common with them.
Really dry hair, but uncut.
His eyes and symbols are smeared a litle.

I'll possibly update this post with more ponies =)