$ Price Check $ PC on G1s (Sunribbon, Tux 'n Tails, Flower Bouquet, Lovebeam, Baby Sea Princess)


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Hi, I'm planning to sell my duplicates, but with these ones I have no idea on prices.

Individual pics upon request.ponys htf.jpg

Will try to describe as best as I can.

Rainbow Baby: Baby Sunribbon
Forelock cut.
Red mark on tip of right ear, between forelegs, chest and on left side of the left-side symbol (which also seems some bleach was used on).
Really nice hair, but tail was braided and keeps the "ghost" of the braid.
Maybe one yellowish mark (discoloration?) on left hind leg.
Maybe slight head/body mismatch?

Fancy Mermaid: Baby Sea Princess
Hair sligtly dry, the ends are frizzy.
Some iner strands seem slightly shorter.
Nice blush.
Pearly coat is nice, some seems a little thinner under the tail fin, and missing a little on the lowest fin.
In general needs a good cleaning.

Colorswirl: Lovebeam
Uncut but dry hair.
Have some "snapped" hairs.
Missing one plug of hair.
A small dot under right armpit and on left thig (not sure if the term applies to pony figures).
Paint (?) mark on the inner part of left hindleg .
Damage to orange/yellow zeebra markings, biggest on the lower-one from right foreleg, middle/lower-one on chest.
In general dusty.

Merry Go Round: Flower Bouquet
Biggest and most obvious issue: Mane cut.
Hair is faded but not totally white (has a "pink-ish" shade), tail slightly pinker than mane.
Paint damage to some leaves of her cape.
Some blush damage.
Chipped paint to pupil of right eye.
Maybe some ingrained dirt on lips.

MO Tux 'n Tails
Nice hair, but falling to the left side. The white stripe is missing three plugs.
Some brown spots/marks on his body. Left side between his symbol and following the line from the armpit to side. Right side to the right of his symbol, back of hindleg, under hind hoove.
Black mark (I think it can be cleaned).
Original owner cleaned his insides (head loose).

Does anyone also has trouble trying to check sold auctions on eBay? Just appear the listings but when trying to open the sold ones all I receive is a "The listing you’re looking for is no longer available. Check out this similar item we found for you." (when it was sold less than 1 month ago and older ones are stil available?). This due that I can only watch the prices (in USD) when opening the listing... it just puts the prices in my -estimated- country's currency which I don't like (if someone knows how to put only USD on eBay please tell me, I don't find where to change it).