G3 PC Fluttershy with bonus breezie Lady Slipper

Twilight Pink

Hmmm, sadly I wouldn't know either :( breezies are pricey alone but an international one would be pricier loose from what i've seen. Maybe you can infer from other lisings on the price? But if you end up selling her, i'm interested :3 i'm looking for Lady Slipper :D


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Again I'm in need of PC for a MIG G3 pony =P I couldn't find any sold item on eBay -.-

Fluttershy with breezie Lady Slipper.
Hi, I'm interested in selling her =)

The prices are tricky -.- The only prices I've got across are more than a year old, and loose average $10.00usd =X

Not really sure about how being MIB, but open to offers =) (Shipping will be from Mexico).