OPEN: Free G4 Pixel Ponies!


Animator Pegasus Pony
Apr 15, 2013
Hey guys!

I've decided to start making these little pixel ponies for anybody who wants them, most likely for little signature decorations. All of my bases are currently G4-styled and can be seen below:

They're pretty small and easy to edit, so I made one for myself as an example:

If you want a bigger picture, I can also enlarge the image afterwards so that it looks like this:

I can even put text if you want it, although depending on how long it is, it will likely make the image much wider. Since I'll be cropping the ponies to be as small as possible, the size of each finished image will probably vary slightly. For example, my finished pony (the small version) is 38 by 40 pixels. Feel free to request a canon character from any generation or your own OC, although I'm only doing female characters for now.

You can also use my bases by yourself if you want (on the TP only), but please make sure to credit me.

Let me know if you're interested!


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Aug 29, 2013
These are so cute, you do great work! Could you do fizzy, same size as the others? :) And could we put these in our own mlptp sigs if we wanted?