Non-MLP Finds of the Last Month


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
I've been reeeeally lazy in getting this together, but here we are finally! Here's all the non-pony goodness I've found over the last month or so ^.^

Firstly, we have this lovely 1960's (? I had some trouble identifying her but I think she might be from the 50s or 60s) Ginny Doll that I found at an estate sale for only $5! She even came with a couple of her shoes, but they're somewhere on my shelves and I couldn't find them for this photo haha. She's in wonderful condition.

Next we have a Rainbow Brite doll that I got at a thrift store for a meager $0.25! You can't beat that. She has some stains and marks but her hair is immaculate!

LPS Beagle

LPS Chick

LPS Playset; Funny story, when I was little I always wanted this set because of the fish.

Some misc accessories, I'm guessing most of them are LPS