MLPTP EVENT My Little Pony Valentine Card Swap!


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Sep 2, 2013
Do you feel the love in the air? Do you want it in your mailbox too?

Cheerilee is heading off to make someone's day, week and month!

This swap will be open to all members, young and old. There are no age, feedback or post limitations. International members are welcome as well. Please consider joining if you'd like to generate feedback and more importantly, have fun with your fellow board members.

We will be swapping Valentines we make ourselves! You may be thinking, “Oh, but I don’t draw.” No problem! How about a collage using stickers or cut outs or rubber stamps? There’s tonnes of ways to make homemade cards. I have absolute faith that you all are extremely talented and can come up with amazing ideas to make beautiful cards!

Head to the craft store, fellow crusaders! I have a cunning plan!

Sign up is easy. I’ll need your name, address and the amount of partners you wish to have. I am putting a limit of three on this, to assure that you have the time you need to get your cards ready and mailed. Partners will be assigned by random match up. If you feel brave enough to go for more than three, please PM me.

Make sure to write a personal greeting of friendship and love, in the spirit of the holiday! Flowers and chocolate optional. Save those for bribes when you're in trouble.

Sign ups open until January 15. I will assign partners by January 17. Cards should be mailed out by February 10. International members (or those mailing out of the States) might want to mail out a bit to earlier to allow for delays. I know this is a short window, but I think we can get 'er done. WE ARE SPARTA! I mean, we are PONY PEOPLES!

Don't be shy, sign up today! Have some cards flying your way!

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Dec 24, 2010
Oh good partners soon. Can't wait to see who i will have.