MLPTP EVENT MLPTP's First 12 Days of Christmas Swap - Commence Opening!

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:fizzy: 12 Days of Christmas Swap :barnacle:

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...."


Did you know...? The 12 Days of Christmas begins on December 25th and continue through January 5th? During the Middle Ages, the 12 Days of Christmas was a continuous time of feasting and merry-making, which culminated on the 12th night (the traditional end of the Christmas season). All Christmas decor would be removed on the 12th night and any festive foods still remaining would be consumed.

Traditions have changed over the years, and fewer people observe the 12 Days of Christmas, instead opening all gifts on December 25th. The song, as we know it today, was first published in 1780 and had no music; that was added later in 1909.

How will this swap work?
  • You will send 12 gifts to your partner, numbered 1-12, to be opened on their corresponding days, beginning December 25th. (You must include at least one pony, but not all 12 gifts have to be ponies.)
  • Unlike the traditional version of the song, the number of items in each package does NOT have to correspond to the day the gift is opened. (Not 4 items for the 4th day, and 5 items for the 5th day... etc. that would be way too overwhelming.)
  • You may only have one swap partner, due to the number of gifts you will be sending.
  • The spending limit for this swap is $25 - $35, plus shipping.
  • You must include at least one pony in the items you send.
  • All items must be wrapped to keep the suspense of opening only one gift per day.
  • Delivery confirmation or receipt of sending is required! This way if something is lost, we're not mad at you, but it will be the post office's fault.
  • Swap partners will be kept secret until the FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS. At which point we will start posting in the Show n Tell thread and everyone can post what they get each day. Please do include a card or note in the package telling your swap partner who you are. Just don't reveal on the boards until this date (December 25th).
  • When shopping for ponies, keep in mind that ponies should be in as near MINT condition as possible! Send a package that you would be thrilled to receive yourself.
Requirements to Join:
  • 1 Month of Active Membership at MLPTP.
  • Minimum 16 years old. We will make exceptions for younger members but they must have a sponsor.
  • Minimum of 50 posts by end of signups.
  • Minimum 5 references for TP feedback or outstanding ebay feedback please or TP feedback for 2 successful swaps in the past. Refs must be from trades or people you've sold to!
  • You must not have any Negative Feedback on your profile.
To register, send a PM to me by copying the form below.
MLPTP 12 Days of Christmas Registration Form:
  • MLPTP Member Name
  • Where can I check your feedback? (MLPTP, ebay, other forums, etc. please include a link)
  • Full Name and Mailing address
  • Will you ship internationally?
  • Once you're accepted into the swap, post your wantlist here:
  • Wishlists need to be for at least 15 ponies (or more), or at least close if you can only think of, say 12. Please be sure to list those ponies that fit within the price bracket you selected. If you wish to price check please post in discussion. I will review all wish lists to make sure your partners have plenty to choose from.
  • Then list other things you're interested in
  • Let us know which flaws are totally unacceptable to you.
  • Let us know which flaws are ok with you.
  • Let us know if you are a G3/G4 mint in box collector.
  • If you list ponies on your Wishlist for less than the swap amount, then do make a note by them so your swapper knows to get more than just that one item (not everyone is fully aware of price).
  • List any allergies you might have, as well as your likes or dislikes. Since sending extras is part of this, you want to make sure you receive something you will thoroughly enjoy.
Send me a PM when... have any questions want to sign up get your swap partner have questions for/about your swap partner mail your package (you must include tracking info) receive your goodies
...whenever there are any issues or delays. I understand real life may get in the way, and that's OK, just keep me posted so nobody freaks out.

Important Dates:
November 12th - Signups Close

November 13th - Swap Partner Assignments
December 3rd - International Shipping Deadline
December 10th - Domestic Shipping Deadline

  • CJFullmer - Shipped - Received
  • SkippetyDoo - Shipped - Received
  • icecreamgirl - Shipped - Received
  • MLPMommy4Life - Shipped - Received
  • *Paradise Island* - Shipped - Received
  • Peppermint Truly - Shipped
  • Gotbunny - Shipped - Received
  • MustBeJewel - Shipped - Received
  • wlyteth - Shipped - Received
  • Sherbet - Shipped - Received
Post Your Brags:

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine
Day Ten
Day Eleven
Day Twelve
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And just to get you into the festive mood.... Here are some non-traditional versions of The 12 Days of Christmas to get your creative juices flowing!

And this is a family favorite that I grew up with...

Okay, okay, this is traditional... but you CAN'T go wrong with the Muppets!



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This looks totally radical but I won't be able to participate. If I wasn't tied up with holiday shopping and other things I'd join in.


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Hey, I'm down with that! I'm sure we can manage to spoil each other. :winkpony:

Don't be too impatient. Signups haven't even been open for 24 hours yet! lol
Psh. You should see how impatient I am. I can't wait for Saturday to get here so all this Halloween nonsense is over :p Once it's November 1st.. it's all fair game in my eyes :p

Marble Dragon

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Looks like fun and it's tempting but I'm already in another swap so I think I'll pass. But have fun!


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This sounds like fun of epic proportions...but I don't meet the feedback requirements and don't think I will by the signup deadline (as tempting as a shopping spree is...)

But have fun to all who do enter! I will be anxiously stalking that brag thread when it comes around!


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It stinks I can't participate in any trades:sadpony:. But it sounds like fun! Everybody have fun!:D


So you have to wait to open your gifts?? lol I don't think I could stand it I'm like a little kid on Christmas... must open now!!!

CJ Thimble Bright

The Pony Formerly Known as CJFullmer
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So you have to wait to open your gifts?? lol I don't think I could stand it I'm like a little kid on Christmas... must open now!!!
You are supposed to wait to open your gifts... but... you know... I would never know if you opened them all at once, but just posted one photo a day.... ;)