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Oct 18, 2017
I came across this tonight as I fall deep down into the YouTube hole this evening.

It got me thinking. What MLP theme song did you grow up with? Which is your favourite now that we are going into our 5th generation.

I grew up with, and prefer this:

For extras, what’s your favourite songs from the 4 generations:

Mine are as follows:

G4 (can’t do songs without this generation, I have a lot more but I often hum these a lot Day to day.):


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Jan 3, 2006
Oh, that's tough.... don't forget the sea pony song! Shoop, shoop, shoop :waved:

I actually always liked the witches song that Hydia sings LOL

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Aug 29, 2017
I grew up in the 2000's and I mainly watch G3's and had G3 pony with a couple of G1 that I didn't know were G1 I don't know much about my little pony back then I didn't even know their names I didn't know until 2016 when I was looking up my pony to see how much they were it got me back in collecting again and head me searching for pony everywhere then I joined this form so I could talk to more people who like mylittlepony because my family hates me talking about my little pony constantly here I can just vent here's a fun fact I had just watching rescue at midnight castle and Escape From Catrina And @Gingerbread call of sea pony was my favorite song from that here are some of my favourite g3
And call of the sea pony because Wye not


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Mar 15, 2012
Back in the early 90s, I'd watch My Little Pony when the Disney Channel was running it in syndication. At the time, they would alternate between episodes of the original MLP and Tales. They used the Tales theme for it, so that's typically what first pops into my mind when I think of MLP theme songs.

The MLP 'n' Friends, along with the extended version of the G3 theme are close seconds, because I just can't choose which one I like better. I belt along with all three whenever they pop up on my MP3 player.