MLP Friends? Is there a connection?

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Aug 1, 2017
The Takara Osharena Pony line came out in Japan in 1985, and brought with it some very strange looking associated animal figures with the ponies, said to be from "The Land of Close Friends" (according to the translation) , while the Pony Friends (wave 1, with ZigZag the Zebra, Skunky the Camel, Creamsicle the Giraffe, and Kingsley the Lion) was introduced between 1986-1987, (wave 2, with Oakley the Moose, Citiesaurus the Dinosaur, Edgar the Elephant, and ChaCha the Llama) between '87 and '88, and (wave 3, with Baby Nectar, Baby Wooly, Baby Leafy, and Baby Hoppy) were released between '88 and '89.

Can anyone help identify these animals? (I did my best guesswork)

Do you guys think there's a connection between these guys from "The Land of Close Friends" and the Pony Friends? Those elephants have the same color scheme and hair as Edgar the Elephant, so I have to wonder.....


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Sep 24, 2012
I think the ones you identified as moles are actually rhinos.

Those do look like koalas... or they could be bears. Given that the white one might be a bear, too, they DO look more like koalas (with the closer eyes, and the bigger nose)

On one you've IDed as hippos... I think I see a little set of horns? So they might actually be cows (and bulls).

Some of them are hard to tell, because they're not facing front - like the "mice" and the "bear". If we could see the size/shape of the ears, and the front of their faces, it might be a little easier.

I have NO IDEA on the "fraggle" things. o_O;