Mini Episodes how do you feel about them?


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Apr 26, 2017
To me a mini Episode feels more like a commercial. That is why I do not like them.

True when you buy a movie or go to the theater that provide you with a short Episode. A treat before you see the movie on screen, or just a nice bonus to the movie you bought at store.

However I'm starting to notice a growing trend.. TV series that are 22 minutes long, some companies decide to not bother with such a length in viewing and instead go cheap with the Mini or Micro series.

Personally to me I find this trend just cheap and lazy. I feel a growing trend in mini shorts,

at least with 22 minutes you get a really great story, and it energizes you to keep tuning in.

However the mini shorts to me, I do not watch ,for the same reason I do not watch commercials.

seeing a growing trend of passing on 22 minute episodes favoring mini shorts. Is just Cheap lazy.

A 22 minute episode will motivate me more to tune in and even buy some merch from the series.
However mini shorts do not get my interest to watch them, click, and I avoid mercy because there is no motivation to buy the merchandise from it..

I can understand music videos doing this however The Entertainment industry getting on this mini trend, pass.

am I the only one who feels this way.

please share you feeling and thoughts on the growing trend.