Low cost commissions!


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Jul 3, 2011
Posted this is Pony art, thought I'd forward it here too
I'm in desperate need of cash. I'm not getting the hours I need at work and can't pick up work. So while I look for a new job, I desperately need to make some side money to pay bills. :ipmimscs:

I'll be doing simple character commissions. No background. Either flat color or with shading for just $5 a piece!

$5 gets you one picture of one of your pony characters!! Or even a completely different non-pony OC.

I can also do pics for your sigs for just $2!! Flat color or with a simple shading.

I also do graphic design and thats entirely subjective in price. But I'll do it discounted.

I also design jewelry and do blind bag re-colors.

Blind bag re-colors, depending on complexity, start at just $15.

Heres the break down:

Single Character digital pieces : $5
Sigs: $2
Blind bag Re-colors: $15-$30
Graphic Design : Contact for qoute. (Flyers, business cards, logos, wedding invites etc)

Any little bit counts..thanks for your consideration!

Examples can be seen HERE or HERE



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Sep 7, 2010
Good luck with your commissions ;)

bigmlpfan xx