G4 Looking for Trading Cards


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Apr 15, 2017
Hiya! I've been on a real trading card kick, so I'd love to trade for some that I need as I find that much more fun than simply buying.
I don't collect the CCG, but I do have sealed packs and some promos from box sets if I can find them. PM me what you're looking for and we can see what we can do. I've got a little bit of everything, especially in my dupe tin.
The ones I am looking for are:
Series 1
Puzzle A (2/6)
Puzzle B (6, 4, & 2/9)
F35, F37, F40, F41 (if a kind soul is just looking to get rid of them lol)
G3, G4, G5, G7, G8
Series 2
2, 8, 20, 21, 27, 57, 68, 72, 74, 75, 77
F5, F7, F8, F10, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F19, F20, F21, F22, F24, F25, F26, F27
F35, F40, F41, F42, F44, F46 (again, if a kind soul is willing to give these up)
G2, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8
V1, V2, V5, V6, V7
S1, S2, S3, S4
Series 3
14, 17
F8, F9, F12, F16, F17, F22, F28, F29, F37, F43, F44, F45
Not the puzzle that comes with the binder: F47, F48, F50, F51, F52, F53, F54
F55, F56, F58, F59, F60, F62
F65 (somehow missed this card when I was there, again you kind souls you)
L1, L2, L3, L5, L6, L7-I know I have an extra L8 if you want a Lenticular in trade
E5, E11, E12, E21, E24, E33, E39, E42, E56, E58, E81, E83, E89, E91
Don't have any autographs or value puzzle yet
P1, P3, P13
S16, S17
Series 4
F1, F2, F5, F8, F11, F12, F13, F14, F20, F21, F23, F26, F27
F32, F33, F34, F35, F36
SF1, SF2, SF4, SF5, SF6, SF8