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Sweet Daes

Nov 20, 2017
**sigh** I am really upset. I didn't think that I would have been taken advantage of like this.

So I recently found out that my ponies were stolen by a family member and sold for ...stuff. I will let your imagination roll with that. My Grandfather gave me a lot of them and when I was a kid he would play with my older sister and I with our ponies. He was such a good sport, and we had so many awesome memories up north at the cabin. Grampapa was usually Oakly, Woolly and Edgar, and he even got my Big/Baby Brother ponies to be more characters.

I want to reclaim my ponies- I want my memories back. I've been able to with the help of some really awesome people on these websites- I now have the Perm Shoppe Fifi and Woolly the Lamb thanks to some wonderful individuals, and I was able to pick up a whole bunch of others over the last few weeks, so I have a decent start on what I had before.

I can't buy out-right at the moment, but I am happy to trade anything or any combo of things in my eBay store, not just other ponies.

I am kinda picky (and all of my ponies were in really nice, mint and amazing condition... ._. ), so please note that the more that will have to go into the pony to bring it to an acceptable state to keep and display the less I feel the pony will be worth in trade.

I would like ponies to hit this criteria:
  • I am not looking for NOC or Nirvana.
  • Sets do not need to be complete- just ponies.
  • No stains, regrind, age spots, dark swirls, pimples, super-obvious highlighter/hair-bleeds.
  • Eyes should be as mint as possible, but all other factory paint and symbols can be blemished/marred.
  • Hair trims/cuts/missing tails are okay as long as the body is in really nice condition- I can rehair if need be.
  • No cuts, gouges, bite marks, missing limbs (not looking to customize)
Here we go...


  • If I can't find anything else, I at least want these:
    • Big Brother Slugger
    • Big Brother Quarterback
    • Oakly the Moose
    • Edgar the Elephant
    • Kingsley the Lion
    • Creamsicle the Giraffe
    • Cutesaurus the Brontosaurus
    • Cha Cha the Llama
    • Dream Beauty Dream Gleamer
    • Dream Beauty Crystalline
    • Dream Beauty Windsweeper
    • Dream Beauty Mayfair

  • Paint on the wings can be scratched, but no bends, breaks or missing wings.
    • Summerwing Lady Flutter
    • Windy Wing Starry Wings
    • Windy Wing Whirly

  • I am looking for the "original" of these, no gimmicks if there are multiple releases with some.
    • Firefly
    • Seashell
    • Powder
    • Cherries Jubilee
    • Strawberry Surprise
    • Blueberry Baskets
    • Lemon Treats
    • Moondancer
    • Medley
    • Peachy
    • Sprinkles
    • Heart Throb
    • Bubbles
    • Baby Paws
    • Baby Leaper
    • Baby Sugarberry
    • Baby Dancing Butterflies
    • Baby Lucky Leaf / Baby Leafy
    • Baby Half Note
    • Baby Fleecy (I have Woolly)
    • Merry Go Round Flower Bouquet
    • Merry Go Round Brilliant Blossoms
    • Merry Go Round Tassels
    • Sea Pony Sea Mist
    • Sea Pony Whitecap

  • Fully deflocked okay.
    • So Soft Bouncy
    • So Soft Scrumptious
    • So Soft Posey
    • So Soft Twilight
    • So Soft Fifi
    • So Soft Angel
    • So Soft Gusty
    • So Soft Cupcake
    • So Soft Wind Whistler
    • So Soft Crumpet

  • I would like these to be a mint as possible...
    • Twice as Fancy Sugarberry
    • Twice as Fancy Dancing Butterflies
    • Twice as Fancy Merriweather
    • Twice as Fancy Night Glider
    • Twice as Fancy Munchy
    • Twice as Fancy (?) Seaflower

  • No missing eyes.
    • Twinkle Eyed Gingerbread
    • Twinkle Eyed Masquerade
    • Twinkle Eyed Quackers
    • Twinkle Eyed Galaxy
    • Twinkle Eyed Fizzy

  • Missing wings are okay.
    • Flutter Pony Lily


  • What I have right now...
    • Woollie the Lamb
    • Perm Shoppe Fifi
    • Sunlight
    • So Soft North Star
    • So Soft Skippity Doo
    • So Soft Magic Star
    • Flutter Pony Yum Yum
    • Flutter Pony Forget-Me-Not
    • Flutter Pony Morning Glory
    • Kingsly the Lion
    • Spunky the Camel
    • 82 Flat-Foot Snuzzle
    • 82 Flat-Foot Blue Bell
    • Sundance
    • Parasol
    • SHS Sunblossom
    • SHS Bright Night
    • GnS Starglow
    • Summerwing Glow
    • Big Brother Tex
    • Flutter Pony Honeysuckle
    • Flutter Pony Peach Blossom
    • Flutter Pony Cloud Puff
    • Flutter Pony Forget-Me-Not
    • Flutter Pony Pink Dreams
    • TaF Up, Up, and Away
    • SS Shady
    • So Soft Truly
    • So Soft Surprise
    • So Soft Cupcake
    • So Soft Ribbon
    • Baby Bouncy

Thanks for checking this out. I really appreciate your consideration as a trade partner.
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BBE Pony
Oct 18, 2017
I have a few on your list. When I get home today I will snap some pics for you. (I know for a fact I have Melody and Heart Throb to start off.)


BBE Pony
Oct 18, 2017
@Sweet Daes - here is my Heart Throb who is pretty awesome short of faded initials on hooves and small nail polish mark. Also Melody who is perfect - although she may of had a slight mane trim but could also just have the shorter mane - but otherwise pretty perfect. I also took pics of my Surprise and Lickety Split who are also pretty perfect on the off chance you might also be interested in them. I have detailed pics if you’d like to see more as well.

I got all these ladies from a woman who got rid of her childhood collection. So they are still in the condition she gave them to me. I can clean up further and style hair if you like before sending. :)

D7938DAE-05B9-48E5-BF93-66C84DED1F37.jpeg E06809C6-3463-4975-9D1A-10219C951AC0.jpeg


Oct 6, 2013
i have a Twinkle Eyed Fizzy and a sea shell her ear tip is missing but it does not look cut or chew so iono I am not sure but she yours if you want her