Lio's sketches and artwork! Also commissions!


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Jan 24, 2012
(Scroll down for commissions)

I finally decided to scan a few of my drawings and show them to the people here!
Actually, most of these are sketches, but I hope you enjoy them all the same. Constructive criticism is welcome!

Zidane from Final Fantasy IX

Zidane again, this time as a hippie... For whatever reason

DC Comics characters

Wonder Woman

Arisia of the Green Lantern Corps

Saint Walker (missing his chest insignia, I'll have to fill that in)

80's/90's toys

Lady Lovely Locks

LLL, ballerina version (Might redo this one and fix some things)

Honey Drop, from Cupcakes

Zizi, from Little Pretty

Sonic stuff


Mint the Lioness (a fancharacter of mine dating back to 2006)

Original stuff / misc.


An OC I'm not sure what to do with yet.


Another OC, this one was going to be in a story I'm working on until her role got supplanted by another character. I did like her design, though.

Cure Will

I won't elaborate much on this for fear of being too wordy (Hint: You can guess by looking at her and her name... Hopefully). I can say this is not a finalized design, though.


A little portrait of my real life crazy kitty.


A close-to-final design for a character for a project of mine I'm not sure I'll be able to follow through. I'm sorry for the quality, but I couldn't get a better scan from this notebook.

And now... Commissions!

I'm trying to raise some extra money, and thought this would be a nice way to go about it.

How does it work?

For $5, you get a finished pencil drawing (NOT a sketch) of a character of your choice. It can be pretty much anything, from ponies (any gens, including ponysonas, humanized or bipedal) cartoon, anime and videogame characters, OCs, or even from toylines (as you see above). Additional characters are $2 each. Add $1 for shading, $1.50 for inking.
Be forewarned, though, I do NOT draw anything objectionable, i.e. above PG-13.

So, to summarize:

$5 for a pencil drawing of a character of your choice
+ $2 per additional character
+ $1 for shading
+ $1.50

For payment, I only take PayPal. If you're interested, PM me with your request and I'll provide my address afterwards.
I'm starting with just 3 slots open and see how it goes from there.

1. -none-
2. -none-
3. -none-

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Jul 23, 2013
Oooh I love your Style its so Playful and Fluid~

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Jul 26, 2005
Rock-on! Wonderful job! Woo hoo! Gorgeous!