kaoskat's personas


Dec 16, 2008
I currently have 3.

This is Yukara. She happened slowly. First she was basically a "Dream Pony" on PonyIsland. Then once I got her I started getting adoptable mimics of her. After a while she just became my persona. After that she eventually ended up with swirls because I really couldn't come up with a proper symbol to symbolize me. I'm far too many things to wrap up so easily so swirls work. She was named after a character in a book I'm writing.

drawn for me by ToolaRoolalalala:

one of my many Yukara customs, this one by me:

This is Hibiscus. I recently decided I wanted a second persona. I love Yukara but it just seemed time to add a second. I went to a "Persona Creaters" post in the Arena adoptable forum and after listing all the things I love, Hibiscus was created for me by Little_Spark and I just love her. She was totally perfect. I just got an airbrush for Christmas and I'm working on a custom of her but right now she is hairless.

created for me by Little_Spark:

This is Kurumi. She was the custom I recieved from LauraLeigh81 in the Arena's Holiday Custom Swap. She could not possibly be more me so I requested permission from Laura to use her as a 3rd persona. I LOVE hamsters (and Guinea Pigs) and pink and blue and silver and swirls and just everything about this pony. As my persona she will lose the snow and Santa hat (this is her Christmas version) but other than that, she's the same. This is the only thing I have of her so far though. I love her to bits!

custom made for me by LauraLeigh81: