I might've accidentally made an entire herd.


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 6, 2006
I used the FiM Pony Maker because it's so darn customizable but they're all ~~supposed~~ to be G1s. ;)

Lockette & Heartstrings I've posted here before but now I have an entire new herd. They were the lone survivors of my attempts to make a herd back in 2004 or 2005, but I have fifteen lovely ladies now.

You can read their little profiles at this link but here's a quick overview of the herd:

TOP: Lockette, Heartstrings, Puddle Jumper, Damsel, PB&J.
MIDDLE: Honeybun, Chastity, Flyaway, Sugar Drops, Cloud Nine.
BOTTOM: Folly, Whimsy, Pink Lady, Loophole, Antique.

I'm practicing drawing ponies again, haven't drawn them in years and was never that good at it. Any future drawings of them will go in the Art forum, right? Or should I add them to this thread?