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I have returned!

Mini Wolfsbane

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Oct 30, 2016

I'm Mini Wolfsbane. I used to be on here as Silver Sweet, but I had to make a new account.
I wasn't on here much, so many probably don't remember me, I guess?

I usually don't "do" forums nowadays. I used to, but stopped.
However, I have no friends that collect ponies or toys in real life like me and I need an outlet of some sort
for when I get a new pony or add to my ridiculous toy collection. (Seriously, my room looks like a toy store or like a five year old lives there. I'm working on redecorating. Cowgirl themed/mature adult feeling because I'm almost 32 and don't want to feel weird/embarrassed if I have guys in my room or friends that don't know me very well or whatever. I try to be a proud fan, but I get self-concious since most people/grown women don't go around wearing shirts with cartoon characters on them or have rooms full of toys. I'm hoping I'll give up the shirts and expand my wardrobe by 35 to something more adult looking, but I like to wear what is comfortable.)

Anyway, right now my only outlet is my dad, (I still live at home), who, like most dads, doesn't care and just rolls his eyes, but I tell him he's my sound board because none of my friends like this stuff or that.

However, he did call me into the room the other day because the last few minutes of the pony episode of storage Wars was on. (We'd seen it before, but it's been a while. I couldn't understand the what the giant Pinkie Pie plush was saying (Brandy made her talk), because my dad was laughing so much! Guess he enjoyed it?) I still want that giant Pinkie Pie, looked super cool!

My dad is actually the one that got me started on ponies though! He brought home Medley when I was 3, and when I started my adult collection at 24, I decided she was my favorite G1 pony. I am not very familiar with the original show, but I remember watching it at three years old on Disney Channel.

Long story short, I started seriously collecting at 13, put my collection in the garage at around 15. I remembered Crumpet and Pony Bride after Goodwilling my collection at 24 and then started collecting again and haven't looked back! Now my collection is relatively small at around 50 or 53, not including my 3 build-a bear ponies and some fakies I got in eBay lots.

I collect mostly g1 for nostalgia purposes, but have some G4 blind-bags because they're cheap and cute and few G4 related toys. There's a few G3 ponies scattered in there, but not a lot. I want more, but G1's seem to take priority in my herd since they're harder to come by and seem to call my name when browsing. :ponylove::fizzy::cc:

Thanks for reading, thanks for welcoming me and have a great pony filled day!!


Spike the Dragon
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Aug 24, 2013
Welcome to the TP! I'm Alyx from Dallas, TX. Your pony story is so cute! I grew up with G3 ponies, decided I was too cool for them when I was a teenager, and started collecting when I was in college.

Good luck on your pony quests!


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
Welcome, you certainly have an outlet here to talk and brag about all things pony and we will never judge you, that's for sure LOL Most of my friends think it's oddly interesting and my husband is supportive so that's helpful. My Dad is probably my biggest enabler too and really spoiled me with ponies as a child. Dad's are cool like that ;)