Howdy from Oklahoma


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I used to have an account on here a looong time ago but I've sadly forgotten all my account information. I made this account a couple years ago and haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet so I thought I'd do that now!

I'm a long-time MLP fan, collector, and artist. I've been collecting and drawing ponies since I was really little (we're talking five years old, so around 15 going on 16 years now) and I've been picking them up here and there ever since. When I was little I used to spend hours on here and Ponytopia, just looking through all the ponies, and admiring the customs on Aikarin. I'm not as serious a collector as I once was but I still enjoy finding older ponies at antique stores/thrift stores and garage sales, taking them home and cleaning them up. I'll admit I'm not a terribly huge fan of the Friendship is Magic style, but it's growing on me. I've always enjoyed G1s, G2s and G3s more haha.

For now I'm just collecting and drawing casually so I might not be very active, but nice to meet you anyways!


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Welcome back to the MLPTP :) Always nice to meet a fellow pony person!