Hi everypony- just wanted to say Hi (again)


Hello!!!! I just wanted to say hi to everypony again... I have been gone for a few years from this site... but now that life has settled down (life has a way of really shaking you up- but we have definitely landed on our feet) and now we are almost done moving to our new/old forever home.... my daughters and I have been slowly unpacking - and we JUST unpacked my G1 collection... (mostly because my DH found a small collection of G1 at the local thrift store.... so I was extremely excited to add them to my pony family....)
So the MLP was one of my first boxes to unpack and display... to unite them with my others... lol...They just can’t stay boxed up! ;) MLP for life in this house! I am happy to be back... hopefully I reunite with some of my past MLP friends and find a few new ones! I am here to visit and shop and trade!
Bye for now!! (Moving will keep me busy for another couple months.... but I will check in when I have a few moments) :D


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Hi there, welcome back! I'm a new-ish member (I've been stalking the forums since like 2008 and I'm pretty sure I had an account here around 2010-2011-ish but I've since lost all the information for it including the username) so I don't think I knew you but I hope to get to know you now and see you around! Also congrats on your thrift store ponies, always nice to find new additions in the wild :D

Good luck with your move!


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welcome back the herd was missing a member and we are glad there back.


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Welcome back! Moving is always so stressful, you probably need to recoup for a month! At least you're set up and happy in your new digs! YAYS!