Help with restoring plush Rainbow Dash wings

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Oct 30, 2016
Not sure where the right forum was for this. If the mods want to move it, that's fine.

So, a couple months ago I disovered a fantastic Goodwill find: The Build A Bear Rainbow Dash!
Unfortunately, she was in some really poor shape as you'll see in the pictures. I'm not even sure how she made it onto the selling floor and not in the trash heap! I restuffed her a little to make her neck less floppy than it had been. I just did her hair tonight, but I'm saving taking those pics for when she's fully restored for the Show and Tell thread. (I also need light blue thread to patch up her back.) Edit: Sorry if you can't full view the pics yet! Still waiting on them to be varifed for public viewing.

[photo="medium"]37930[/photo] [photo="medium"]37932[/photo] [photo="medium"]37935[/photo]
Anyway, like the title says, her wings are messed up. They fall flat and don't bounce back up and stay stiff like my Fluttershy's wings do. The cardboard is still in Dash's wings, so I'm not sure what's causing this. Is there a cure? I can't find holes where anything was pulled out, and I can't push the inner tabs in at all, so it's very strange. If there's no cure, hey, that's the brakes. Just thought I'd ask. I searched, but there isn't anything on this problem online. Guess she's unique. (Not to ramble, but I'm pretty sure some kid messed her up a lot. I believe her mane was cut in the front and the back stiches breaking is clearly diliberate and not because of over stuffing.)

I did a spot clean, and a gentle cleanse with rubbing alcohol to kill kid germs. If anyone has any ideas on getting her even cleaner I'd love to read them. (That is, without putting her in the washer! I'm afraid the water on the inner stuffing would grow mold eventually, even without multiple washings).

Thank you for all the help!
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Apr 15, 2017
The cardboard probably just became worn out from use/cuddles. It happened to my ponies as well. If you want them to stand up, you'd be best re-stuffing with cardboard and then stitching a bit so the wings are more motivated to stand upwards.
You could always de-stuff and wash her "skin", then let it dry and stuff with new stuffing.


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Oct 18, 2017
Because it’s a build a bear toy, I would take the stuffing out and wash her. Add a stabilizer to her wings and take her back to BAB to have her re-stuffed and fluffed.
They are supposed to do it free of charge any time a toy looses its fluff. :)