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Help me with my wishlist!


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jan 15, 2015
My wishlist is located here :3 please help me with it!

I will now buy things not just trade ^_^

ANYTHING Dj pon3 (I would love A custom~)
FS and Zilla Mlp
Mlp Prototypes
Pony Brushable
Blossomforth brushable
Cherry Pie Brushable
Cherry Berry Brushable
Cupcake Brushable
Dewdrop Dazzle Brushable
Daisy Dreams Brushable
Diamond Rose Brushable
Diamond mint Water Cuties
Octavia Meolody Brushable
Photo finish brushable (No dress)
Mrs.Dazzle Cake (Must be 2013 Version)
Flower Wishes Cutie mark magic
FeatherMay Brushable
Flitter Heart brushable
Fluttershy (From rainbow power Fluttershy and seabreezie pack)
Fluttershy from 2014 train set
Holly Dash Brushable
Honey Buzz Brushable
Lulu Luck Brushable
Ribbon Hair nurse redheart brushable
Ponymania Pinkie Pie
Ploomette (No butterfly wings) Brushable
Plumsweet Brushable
Shadowbolt rainbow dash brushable
Ponymania Rainbowdash Brushable
Ponymania rarity brushable
Cutie mark magic sky wishes brushable
Through the mirror sunset shimmer
Sunny rays brushable
Starbeam twinkle brushable
Starswirl Brushable
Snowcatcher Brushable
Sweetie swirl brushable
Wysteria Brushable
Zecora Brushable
Princess Celestia brushable
Power Ponys Rainbow dash brushable
Power Pony AppleJack Brushable
Cutie mark magic ribbon hair Starlight glimmer

Equestrian Girls
Friendship games sour sweet
Ffriendship games Indigo Zap
Friendship Games SugerCoat
Ponymania photo finish and the snapshots (Not NIB)
Princess luna
Octavia Meolody
Aria Blaze And Sonata dusk
Trixie lulamoon (dress up version)
Rockin Hairstyles fluttershy
Nude Twilight sparkle (must have feet)
Nude fluttershy (Must have ball feet)
Nude Pinkie Pie (Must have ball feet)