Hasbro talks of getting rid of plastic packaging


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Sep 2, 2013
I have to agree about the lip service. Plastic reduction is a "hot topic" that loads of companies have jumped on because it makes them look good, while they do nothing to reduce the parts of their business that hurt the environment in more significant ways (emissions etc).

I don't think it's being done to spite collectors, just as a PR move. But it probably will hurt collectors in the long run anyway.

And I don't trust Hasbro not to take advantage of the "blind box effect" to sell worse-quality toys. I may not collect MIB but I do collect G4, and you can literally line my ponies up by their age and see the quality decline :(
I have to agree, there's a lotta virtue signaling from these companies, but little real change. They move their factories to countries that have laxer environmental laws so they can claim they're following the laws to the utmost in countries that literally have few laws to protect their people or the land around them.

And if they do go the blind box route, I'm afraid I'm done. It's too easy for them to game the system, putting 90% commons and 10% rares in a box, knowing that collectors will buy dozens to get a full set. I can't play that game, I have livestock to feed.

And the quality is a sad thing. So many of the G4s are already fading. In another decade they might be crumbles at this rate.