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For Sale Harley Quinn-Dancing Butterflies-Apple Delight Fam-Red Roses-Princess Pristina- LPS feesh


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Apr 25, 2012
Here's a fresh batch of customs, mostly all for sale with an exception of the LPS feesh, those were for personal fun.

First off, here's my main sales thread that's updated as I complete the sales~

fifi:fizzy:Message me if interested
All hand crafted by me~
Main method of payment is PayPal
Partial payments accepted~:flutter::seawinkle::tex:

I'll start this off with my most recent sale creation:

Harley Quinn from Batman

~~~For sale: $115.00~~~

I finished this custom on my birthday, so I signed the bottom of her hoof with my birthdate on it~

I would not recommend displaying this in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as the dye jobs in the hair for sure would likely fade.

Saw a friend on Facebook sharing images of Harley Quinn and I was very intrigued by this particular outfit, so I decided to make a custom of her~

Pony base is a generation 4 Fashion Style-sized Rarity. I cut off her horn and now have a giant severed pony horn in my arsenal of severed pony parts.

Coated the head and body in Gesso to give a texture for the paint to bond to.

Full body repaint in antique white acrylic paint.

Eyes painted in my own realism/fusion style, tried to capture Harley’s expression and make them work with the pony eyes.

Made Rarity’s eyes shorter and wider for Harley’s expression. Kinda redid the entire eye shape to do this.

Painted Harley’s leg tattoos on the flanks of Rarity, painted Rarity’s diamond cutie mark black for Harley’s diamonds.

Painted Harley’s red and black diamond tattoo on pony’s front right leg.

All paint work sealed in Artists Varnish.

Mane and tail are re-rooted dollyhair’s nylon mlp hair in the color white chocolate. I dyed the tips of one half ot he hair in fuschia Rit Dye, and the other side in blue Rit Dye.

Used my hair gel method for the curls in the pigtails to clean up the look.

Purchased a baseball bat from craft store for her bat, and painted it, glued black hemp cord to detail and glued white ribbon wrapped around the handle.

Outfit, started off with the shoes-

Crafted from real white leather, used leather puncher for hand-stitched details, painted black detailing in acrylic paint, pinned red leather for the soles, lined the soles with black ribbon.

Used faux black vinyl on the backs.

Tights are a black fishnet I hand-stitched.

Front leg accessories- Started with the spike bracelets. Hand-stitched spikes onto faux black vinyl, pinned in place. Fastened a white leather under-sole for the red glove, did some blue, gray and black carefully painted detail for the glove then hemmed the top of it with black maxi piping, stitched the other set of spikes to that.

White under-shirt- stitched one sleeve from some pale blue dyed cotton material I used on a older Rhinoa Heartilly custom. Traced it onto another piece of plain white cotton material for the other sleeve, then stitched red ribbon strips in place for Harley’s stripe details.

Stitched a coral red piece for the top of the shirt, then stitched a triangular piece for the front chest from the plain white cotton material, stitched the pieces together then hand-painted “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” on the front.

Did a last long rectangular piece for the bottom of the shirt, then crafted the gun holster.

Took a strip of black faux vinyl with round metal pieces on it, and crafted the gun pouch from black leather, then the gun handle from white leather and detailed the piece in rhinestones.

Next, crafted the necklace. Got out letter beads that spell out “PUDDIN”, clipped off the tops of them that strung them on to other necklaces, then painted them in beige and gold acrylics. Glued them onto a strip of white leather with Jeweler’s glue.

Shorts- Cut the red half from a faux red vinyl that has flecks of gold in it, and the blue half from another shiny faux material and hand-stitched the pieces together.

Belt is a strip of faux black vinyl with rhinestones glued in place, then painted silver the buckle is a large square painted rhinestone.

Jacket- Cut half from the same red faux vinyl with the gold flecks, and the blue half from a nice blue material. Stitched gold stripes down the sleeves, then hemmed the bottom, neck and sleeves with wide red ribbon folded over. Did the tiny white stripe details by gluing down white hemp cord.

Hand-painted the writing on the back of her coat, that reads “Property of Joker, Puddin Freaky Style, since 4ever”

I did modifications from the original coat to make it fit and work for a pony coat.

Finished the piece off by making the coat removable by stitching snaps on the bottom inner sleeves.

Next up:

Dancing Butterflies Forest Fairy
Custom pony figure of the generation 1 My Little Pony Dancing Butterflies, craft/redesigned as a generation 3 figure in a remixed forest fairy theme.


Pony base is an engineered pose of a body from a g3 ugly pose, head from a different standing pose, wings cut from a Pegasus and put on a non-pegasus body.

Coated the entire figure in Gesso to prep a base texture for the acrylics to bond to.

Full body repaint in lemon yellow acrylic paints, with base layers of hand-blended acrylics that were a toned down neutral yellow.

Eyes painted in my realism/fusion style, but in Dancing Butterflies’ original color. I painted the butterflies throughout her body/forehead, carefully.

All paint work sealed in Artists Varnish.

Mane & tail are rooted in dollyhair’s nylon mlp hair in the color lemonade.

Hair is lightly styled with a curling iron to give it shape and flair.

Accessorizing: started with the hind legs. Stitched stockings from a cloudy pale brown cotton fabric, Hemmed the tops with a pale neutral green bias tape and pleated a tan webbed material. Stitched beads on.

Stitched a small pleat of green beaded scarf material and placed it behind the wings.

Then got out various colors of browns and green hemp cording, twisted them together, and brushed on light coats of mod podge to harden them. Once Mod Podge dried, I twisted them into their permanent shapes and fastened them to pony as vine detail up a front leg and in the hair.

Wrapped some green leaf trim up the leg, across the chest and around a wing, over some green web trim underneath, across the chest.

Added a few strings of beads on the leg.

Wreath crown- Started with the twisted vines and green leaf trim, then made a few strands of leaf, flower and shaped beads on floral wire, twisted them into the crown.

Pinned in back of head, added a few faux leafs on top of the head to finish.

Apple Delight Family
Complete set of generation 3 custom figures of the generation 1 My Little Ponies- Mommy Apple Delight, Daddy Apple Delight, and Baby Apple Delight, hand-crafted by me, in a autumn theme.

~~~FOR SALE AS A SET ONLY for $85.00~~~

Large orange leafs with transparent pumpkins and painted fox are included in this sale.

Mixed and matched various heads and bodies from white generation 3 adult ponies. The head on Daddy Apple is actually a generation 3 fakie head, but is on a donkey pose body. Mom’s pose is all original, I think.

Baby Apple has a pony base of a generation 3 baby.

Coated all 3 of their heads and bodies in Gesso then gave them all white full body repaint jobs. Eyes are painted in the colors of the original ponies, but have feathery lashes from my personal style.

TAF body cutiemarks are hand-painted by me, all paint work sealed in Artists Varnish.

Mommy Apple’s mane & tail are rooted in strawberry mousse nylon mlp dollyhair, her exact match. Styled with a curling iron and hair dryer.

Daddy and Baby Apple Delight are rooted in doner hair from other ponies in my bait box.

Daddy Apple has frost bite white RetrodollUS hair rooted along his feet for his fetlocks. Wasn’t easy to do this, but I managed to put Tacky glue inside his feet to secure the plugs from the inside, then I glued down the fetlocks in place and hardened them in my hair gel method to give them accurate shape.

Tied green bows on all their tails to match, and hand-crafted strings of autumn-themed beads on floral wire as embellishments for their hair.

Perfume Puff Geisha Red Roses
Generation 1 My Little Pony Perfume Red Roses crafted as a generation 3 custom pony figure redesigned in a geisha theme.

By Traveling Pony Museum

Body is an engineered pose, head of a unicorn and body of one of the 3-D symbol ponies.

Coated the entire figure in Gesso to give a textured base for acrylics to bond to, then did a full body repaint job in lemon chiffon acrylics. Eyes painted in the colors of the original pony, but in my personal anime/realism-fusion style. Cheeks are dry-brushed for blush. All paint sealed in Artists Varnish.

Cutie mark- is a green floral antique glass bead with a transparent pink bead and a pink pearl bead wired together. Cut pink hemp cord and shaped it for the perfume sprays and glued everything down in Jeweler’s glue.

Mane and tail are re-rooted in soft pink yarn. I unraveled it, each yarn strand provides 4 individual locks for hair. Glued the roots inside of the head, and brushed out the yarn to poof it up.

Outfit- Started with the basic geisha robe. Cut and hand-stitched from a powder blue fabric with a light sheen and a star pattern. Pleated a piece of shimmery brownish pink fabric for one side of the body.Added tassels and beads with a vine of fabric leafs and some braided hemp cord detail.

Layered a rainbow of ribbons for the neck collar, with 2 neutral colors of braided hemp cord to complete the look. Aqua and lavender ribbons tied on the sleeves.

Hair accessories- noticed in a pic of the original Red Roses, there was a cute light aqua hair clip of a bird on a flower. So I got out a gold flower pendant that resembled it, and a craft bird. Bonded them together, with Jeweler’s glue, then painted them light aqua.

Rest of the beads, I carefully planned out and strung on wire, some are mounted onto toothpicks then pinned into the hair. Most beads are antique glass/shell beads from the 1920’s, some are newer plastic beads I found at craft stores.

Tied white fabric leafs in the hair to finish.

G3 Princess Pristina
Generation 3 remixed custom of the generation 1 My Little Pony Princess Pristina.

~~~For sale $75.00~~~

Pony base is a generation 3 pony with generation 4 princess wings.

Coated entire pony in Gesso then did full body repaint in teal acrylics.

Painted eyes in Pristina’s purple color in my style/methods.

Took out the original hair of the pony, set it aside and make plugs out of the teal portion with tinsel in it, for the tinsel bangs the original pony has. So re-rooted the bangs in the recycled hair, then the rest of the mane and the tail with electric banana nylon mlp hair.

Added green hair clip extensions from Claire’s.

Cutie mark- started with a square base of gold vinyl. Stitched some gold rope trim along the edges, did a dusting of pink glitter acrylics over top. Glued down large brown square rhinestones, also coated them in a over-layer of pink glitter acrylics.

Put blue rhinestones in the middle with painted green rhinstones surrounding.

Made the wand from a tooth pick, bead, large star rhinestones and small pink circle rhinestones, glued it all together and painted everything magenta with pink glitter acrylics over top.

Crown is cut from gold vinyl, painted in a light medium pink gloss acrylic, twined some pink hemp cord for the bottom liner and added pink rhinstones. Embellished it in more rhinestones because it wouldn’t be my design without it.

Stitched sleeves for all her legs from a light aqua mesh skirt material, with a offwhite sheer material underneath. Some ribbon and rhinestone detailing.

Glued down some flat back antique stones on her chest, then made a necklace and attached it on each side of the stones, embellished with rhinestones and some more gold rope.

And lastly, a personal experimental project~

"We three feesh" crafted from Littlest Petshop fish
(not available for sale, not accepting commission requests on LPS)

Pink fish- my OC Manafeesh
White fish- 's OC, Folfeesh
Black fish- 's Lycancorn OC, wuffeesh

These are a one-time deal, feel indifferent about crafting LPS figures, did it mostly to make cute fish things
Indifferent about making more, I spent less than a half a day on just these 3
Don't want to do commission requests or anything, and do not copy these designs as they're all original

All painted in acrylic paints, leather ears, faux black fur on the folf and wuff feeshes, a mlp horn attacked and painted on the wolf feesh.
Rhinestones added to the folf and wolf on the eyes.

:seapony:Thanks again for looking! As always, commission requests are always open, feel free to message me and request away at any time! :flutter2::cc::ponylove:
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So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
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Apr 25, 2012
Dancing Butterflies sold~


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
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Apr 25, 2012
Geisha Red Roses
By Traveling Pony Museum