Hair Color Match Project - wanna help?



I know some of the hair websites have a color match guide to help you out, but they are not complete. Why don't we create one?

Doll Hair- DOLLYHAIR.COM Saran and Nylon for rerooting

From you experience (and pictures are super helpful!!), what hair colors match which ponies almost to an exact if not exact?

- Pineapple I've found out matches the little pink baby peg with the duck on her rump

- rainbow hair g1 ponies, I've found that water nixie, lucky clover, golden delicious, and strawberry mousse are almost exact matches.

What else have you guys found that is not listed on the website? For example, what color is the best match for Gusty's stripe?
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well what my project idea was, was to have one here at the TP to help out everyone. It's a work in progress. Everyone's work and contributions are greatly appreciate.

RavenclawPrefect said:
Good idea, I don't think there is a comprehensive list that has matches like:
Tornado blue hair - matches Dollyhair X and Custompony Y
Is that the kind of thing you mean?
That's exactly what I am aiming for. I think it would help out a lot, especaily if one site has run out of a color, you would know the backup just in case.

Also, to get our list started, I'm quoting this from AC's site from the link provided in the previous post,
AeraCura's page - [url= said:
AeraCura's Custom FAQs: October 2008[/url]]

Candy Apple Red ( CP LadyBug)
- G1 Christmas Baby (aka Baby Stockings)
- G1 Merry Treats
- G1 TE Bright Eye's fourth stripe
- G1 MB Sunburst
- G3 All My Heart's fourth stripe

Cherry Pie
- G3 Always & Forever

Sugarberry ( CP Fire Blast- coming soon)
- G1 TAF Sugarberry
- G1 Skyflier
- G1 TE Tic Tac Toe's first stripe
- G1 FT Baby Tic Tac Toe's first stripe
- G1 BnG Pretty Vision's first stripe
- G1 CC Caramel Crunch
- G1 Tropical Breeze
- G1 White Valentine's Baby
- G1 HT Tabby
- G1 MGR Diamond Dreams
- G1 SS Skippity Doo
- G1 Cherry Treats
- G1 Sea Mist
- G1 TE Galaxy's first stripe
- G1 TE Sky Rocket's first stripe
- G1 sparkle pony Sky Rocket
- G1 TE Mimic's fourth stripe
- G1 Hula Hula's second stripe
- G1 Pina Colada's second stripe
- G3 Beachberry
- G3 Kiwi Tart

Watermelon Martini ( CP Raspberry)
- G1 Moondancer



Mango Tango ( CP Midas Touch)
- G1 SS Crumpet
- G1 Baby Lucky Leaf
- G1 DnP Tap Dancer
- G1 SS Pretty Belle

Sunset ( CP Tangerine Tango)
- G1 Hula Hula's first stripe
- G1 Pina Colada's first stripe
- G3 Citrus Sweetheart
- G3 Waterfire
- G3 Beachberry
- G3 Baby Honolu-loo

Firebird ( No CP Match)
- G1 BB Barnacle
- G1 RB Pretty Beat's stripe
- G1 RB Tuneful
- G1 SS Paradise
- G1 SS Ribbon's stripe
- G1 BnG Bouquet's fourth stripe
- G1 BnG Twisty Tail's first stripe
- G1 SS Twist
- G1 TE Bright Eyes's third stripe
- G1 Tales Bright Eyes
- G1 Gypsy
- G1 TE Galaxy's fourth stripe
- G1 Sea Breeze's third stripe


Peaches N Cream (CP Peaches N Cream)
- G1 Zig Zag
- G1 TE Locket's third stripe
- G1 Confetti's first stripe
- G1 Fluttervbye's first stripe
- G1 Pinwheel's first stripe
- G1 Tickle's first stripe
- G1 Trickles's first stripe
- G1 RC Stripes's third stripe
- G1 SS Wild Flower
- G1 seapony Salty
- G1 German Nightlight's fourth stripe
- G1 German Raindrop's fourth stripe


Butterscotch ( CP Amber Waves)
- G1 Butterscotch

Lemon Drop ( No CP Match)
- G1 TAF Merriweather
- G1 Ballerina Tip Toes
- G1 Baby Tappy
- G1 DnP D.J.
- G1 Baby Brightbow's second stripe
- G1 Baby Starbow's second stripe
- G1 Baby Rainribbon's second stripe
- G1 Baby seapony Sea Breeze
- G1 Baby seapony Tiny Bubbles
- G1 Raincurl's second stripe
- G1 Streaky's second stripe
- G1 Stripes's second stripe
- G1 TE Speedy's third stripe
- G1 SS Best Wishes
- G1 MB Fireball's stripe

Yellow Fever (No CP Match)
- G1 TE Sweet Pop's second stripe
- G1 SS Lofty
- G1 BnG Bouquet's first stripe
- G1 BnG Braided Beauty's third stripe
- G1 BnG Twisty Tail's fourth stripe
- G1 BnG Curly Lock's second stripe
- G1 BnG Ringlets' first stripe
- G1 Baby Sunribbon's second stripe
- G1 Baby Sunnybunch
- G1 Baby Quacker's third stripe
- G1 TE Quacker's third stripe
- G1 MGR Brilliant Blossoms
- G1 Princess Sunbeam
- G1 TAF Pillow Talk's first stripe
- G1 sparkle pony Starhopper
- G1 Sunshine pony Mainsail
- G1 SB Boysenberry Pie
- G1 WW Whirly
- G1 Princess Misty
- G1 HT Woosie
- G1 MB Lightning
- G1 MB Sunburst's stripe

No Dollyhair Match (CP Sunny Day)
- G1 TAF Dancing Butterflies
- G1 SW Buzzer
- G1 PBnG Star Gleamer's second stripe
- G1 PBnG Glittering Gem's first stripe
- G1 GnS Starglow
- G1 Baby Starburst's forelock
- G1 Daddy Apple Delight
- G1 Sister Apple Delight

Golden Delicious ( CP Pineapple)
- G1 Applejack
- G1 sparkle Baby Firefly
- G1 Baby Jangles
- G1 Baby Leaper
- G1 Baby Rattles
- G1 Baby Tattles
- G1 sparkle Baby Starflower
- G1 Baby seapony Sun Shower
- G1 MM Cuddles
- G1 Moonstone's second stripe
- G1 Parasol's second stripe
- G1 Sunlight's second stripe
- G1 Windy's second stripe
- G1 Baby Dibbles
- G1 Baby Sandcastle
- G1 Ringlet's second stripe (rainbow curl)
- G1 SB Swirly Whirly
- G1 TE Bright Eye's second stripe
- G1 TE Skyrocket's second stripe

Electric Banana ( CP Lightning Bolt)
- G1 Baby Cuteasaurus
- G1 SS Ribbon
- G1 Baby Ribbon
- G1 BB Ribbs
- G1 Baby Shady
- G1 SS Surprise
- G1 Baby Surprise
- G1 Honeycomb
- G1 SS Shady
- G1 Pinwheel's fourth stripe
- G1 Confetti's fourth stripe
- G1 Flutterbye's fourth stripe
- G1 Starflower's fourth stripe
- G1 Flutter Yum Yum
- G1 Morning Glory
- G1 Princess Pristina
- G1 Tickle's fourth stripe
- G1 Trickle's fourth stripe
- G1 RB Half Note's stripe
- G1 RB Sweet Notes
- G1 Seapony Sand Dollar
- G1 Surprise
- G1 SB Crunch Berry
- G1 Sea Breeze's second stripe
- G1 Tootie Tail's first stripe
- G1 TE Masquerade's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Mimic's first stripe
- G1 Party Time's third stripe

Lemonade ( No CP Match)
- G3 Forsynthia


- G1 MM Mirror Mirror
- G1 seapony Dipper

Lucky Clover (CP Leap Frog)
- G1 Seashell
- G1 Medley
- G1 Moonstone's third stripe
- G1 Parasol's third stripe
- G1 Skydancer's third stripe
- G1 Starshine's third stripe
- G1 Sunlight's third stripe
- G1 Windy's third stripe
- G1 MB Ice Crystal's stripe
- G1 German Raindrop's first stripe
- G1 German Nightlight's first stripe

Sea Nymph (CP Lucky Clover)
- G1 Gusty
- G1 Baby Gusty
- G1 Baby Tic Tac Toe's third stripe
- G1 Tic Tac Toe's third stripe
- G1 BnG Braided Beauty's first stripe
- G1 Merry Treats
- G1 Sweet Celebrations Family
- G1 SS WaveRunner
- G1 BB Steamer's stripe
- G1 TE Whizzer's third stripe
- G1 TE Masquerade's first stripe
- G1 TE Fizzy's fourth stripe

Envy ( CP Summer Meadow)
- G1 BnG Twisty Tail's third stripe
- G1 BnG Pretty Vision's second stripe
- G1 TE Tic Tac Toe's fourth stripe
- G1 Baby Tic Tac Toe's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Mimic's third stripe

Key Lime ( No CP Match)
- G1 TE Quackers' second stripe
- G1 Baby Quackers' second stripe
- G1 Raspberry Jam
- G1 SS Scrumptious
- G1 SS Magic Star
- G1 WW Cool Breeze
- G1 MGR Sunnybunch
- G1 BB Waddles
- G1 CC Lemon Treats
- G1 flutter Wind Drifter
- G1 DnP Swinger
- G1 TE Masquerade's third stripe
- G1 Tootie Tails' second stripe
- G1 Hula Hula's third stripe
- G3 Applejack
- G3 Fancy Flora
- G3 Fingerpaints
- G3 Kiwi Tart


Mermaid ( CP Morning Mist)
- G1 SS Cupcake
- G1 BB Whirly Twirl
- G1 FP Dots n Hearts
- G1 Baby Hoppy
- G1 TT Little Tabby
- G1 Oakley
- G1 Seapony Sea Shimmer
- G1 Baby Rainribbon's third stripe
- G1 Baby Soft Steps
- G1 Baby Sunribbon's third stripe
- G1 Baby Squirmy
- G1 Seapony Waterlily
- G1 CC Sugar Sweet
- G1 DnP Songster
- G1 Flutter Cloud Puff
- G1 Flutter Peach Blossom
- G1 GnS Happy Glow
- G1 HT Tossles
- G1 MGR Sparkler
- G1 PP Li'l Pocket
- G1 Princess Sparkle
- G1 Confetti's third stripe
- G1 Pinwheel's third stripe
- G1 Flutterbye's third stripe
- G1 Starflower's third stripe
- G1 Tickle's third stripe
- G1 Trickle's third stripe
- G1 Raincurl's fourth stripe
- G1 Ringlet's fourth stripe
- G1 Stripes's fourth stripe
- G1 SS Secret Star
- G1 SS Angel
- G1 SW High Flier
- G1 SB Banana Surprise
- G1 SS Sand Digger
- G1 SS Cha Cha
- G1 SS Frilly Flower
- G1 WW Sun Glider
- G1 Alt. BF Febuary
- G1 TE Whizzer's fourth stripe

Atomic Turquoise ( CP Spring Showers)
- G1 Bubbles
- G1 Firefly
- G1 Seapony Beachcomber
- G1 Baby Blue Ribbon
- G1 Bright Bouquet Family
- G1 Brightbow
- G1 Baby Dangles
- G1 Baby Doodles
- G1 Baby Ember
- G1 Baby Firefly
- G1 Baby Graffiti
- G1 Baby Lucky
- G1 TT Little Giggles
- G1 Baby Pineapple
- G1 Baby Quackers' first stripe
- G1 BB Racer
- G1 Baby Rainfeather
- G1 Baby Rainribbon's third stripe
- G1 Baby Shovels
- G1 Baby Sniffles
- G1 Baby Sleep Tight
- G1 FP Baby Starburst
- G1 Silky Slipper
- G1 BB Quarterback
- G1 BnG Curly Locks' third stripe
- G1 BnG Pretty Vision's fourth stripe
- G1 BnG Ringlet's fourth stripe
- G1 CC Molasses
- G1 Tootsie
- G1 FF Sweet Blossom
- G1 Flutter Wing Song
- G1 GnS Dazzleglow
- G1 HT Tall Tales
- G1 Princess Primrose
- G1 Windy's fourth stripe
- G1 Parasol's fourth stripe
- G1 Skydancer's fourth stripe
- G1 Moonstone's fourth stripe
- G1 Starshine's fourth stripe
- G1 Sunlight's fourth stripe
- G1 seapony Wave Dancer
- G1 seapony White Cap
- G1 SS Bangles
- G1 SS Bouncy
- G1 SS Buttons
- G1 sparkle Star Dancer
- G1 SW Skydancer
- G1 SB Blueberry Baskets
- G1 TAF Buttons
- G1 TAF Fifi
- G1 TE Party Time's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Speedy's first stripe
- G1 TE Whizzer's second stripe
- G1 TAF Pillow Talk's second stripe
- G1 WW Moonjumper
- G1 BB Wigwam's stripe
- G1 Baby Moodream
- G1 TE Masquerade's second stripe
- G2 Clever Clover


Water Nixie ( No CP Match)
- G1 Majesty
- G1 Sprinkles
- G1 TE Gingerbread's first stripe
- G1 Pina Colada's third stripe
- G1 mermaid Sea Shimmer
- G1 TAF Milky Way's stripe
- G1 Baby Bridesmaid
- G3 Tira-Mi-Su
- G1 PP Bubblefish
- G1 SS Beachball
- G3 Rarity
- G1 Baby Sticky
- G1 Baby Bouncy
- G1 Tales Melody (and skater)
- G1 Glory's stripe
- G1 SS Bangles
- G3 Lavender Cloud

Forget-Me-Not ( CP Ocean Wave)
- G1 BB Trucker/ 4-Speed
- G1 Movie Version Firefly
- G1 BB Cheif
- G1 Chuck E. Cheese Baby
- G1 BB Countdown
- G1 Baby Starbow's third stripe
- G1 MB Tornado's stripe
- G1 MB Thundercloud's stripe
- G1 PP Sweet Pocket
- G1 RB Pretty Beat
- G1 SS Sea Flower
- G1 SS Flowerburst
- G1 Royal Princess Pink
- G1 Baby Rainfeather

After Midnight( CP Blueberry Pie)
- G3 Denim Blue


Wisteria (CP Blooming Lilac)
- G1 Bluebelle
- G1 Blossom
- G1 SS North Star
- G1 Baby Glory
- G1 Baby Brightglow's third stripe
- G1 Baby Bunkie
- G1 Baby Honey Pie
- G1 Baby North Star
- G1 Baby Peeks
- G1 Baby Puddles
- G1 Seapony Sea Star
- G1 seapony Splasher
- G1 Baby Snookums
- G1 Baby Splashes
- G1 Spunky
- G1 Baby Toe Dancer
- G1 Baby Wooly
- G1 Twinkle Dancer
- G1 BB Salty
- G1 CC Mint Dreams
- G1 FF Love Petal
- G1 Flutter Lily
- G1 GnS Bright Glow
- G1 MM Magic Hat
- G1 Princess Dawn
- G1 Princess Starburst
- G1 PBnG Brilliant Blossoms
- G1 PBnG Skylark
- G1 Raincurl's third stripe
- G1 Streaky's third stripe
- G1 seapony Seawinkle
- G1 seapony Sea Breeze
- G1 SS Secret Beauty
- G1 SB Peppermint Crunch
- G1 SHS Bright Night
- G1 SHS Daisy Dancer
- G1 SHS Gardenglow
- G1 SHS Springsong
- G1 SHS Starflash
- G1 Sparkler
- G1 sparkle pony Napper
- G1 seapony Celebrate
- G1 Baby Ember
- G1 Moondancer's stripe
- G1 Baby Moondancer's stripe
- G1 TE Gingerbread's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Speedy's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Locket's fourth stripe
- G1 Baby Nightcap
- G1 SHS Ruby Lips
- G1 Hushabye
- G1 Bright Bouquet Family
- G1 TE Sweet Pop's third stripe
- G1 TE Sweet Stuff's first stripe

Bouganvillea ( CP Atomic Orchard)
- G3 Silver Song
- G3 Starflower's stripe
- G3 Cherry Blossom
- G3 Flower Garland

Sour Grapes (CP Plum Pretty)
- G1 Glory
- G1 TE Whizzer's first stripe
- G1 Twilight's stripe
- G1 seapony White Cap
- G1 BnG Ringlet's third stripe
- G1 PP Bunnyhop
- G1 TE Gingerbread's second stripe
- G3 Lavender Lake
- G1 Hopscotch
- G1 MB Fireball
- G2 Clever Clover
- G3 Cloudclimber
- G3 Fancy Free
- G3 Febuary Violet
- G3 Kimono


Pussycat ( CP Fading Rose)
*NOTE*- This is what is known as "fading pink". It more often than not fades to white, or near white. These colours would match mint ponies with unfaded hair. If your hair has faded to a very light pink I suggest Fairy's Breath (dollyhair). If it has faded to white, and you wish to keep it white, I suggest Virgin Snow or Marshmallow (dollyhair).

- G1 Posey
- G1 Lickety Split
- G1 TAF Up, Up and Away
- G1 TAF Love Melody
- G1 SB Coco Berry
- G1 Baby Cotton Candy
- G1 Baby Bows
- G1 Baby Dibbles
- G1 Baby Fleecy
- G1 Baby Jebber/Jabber
- G1 Baby Lickety Split
- G1 TT Little Whiskers
- G1 Baby Milkweed
- G1 Baby Noodles
- G1 sparkle baby Northstar
- G1 Baby Sniffles
- G1 Baby Snippy
- G1 Baby Snookums
- G1 seapony Surf Rider
- G1 Baby Tippy Toes
- G1 Baby Tumbleweed
- G1 Baby Yo Yo
- G1 BB Steamer
- G1 Posey Rose
- G1 BB Slugger
- G1 BnG Bouquet's second stripe
- G1 BnG Ringlet's second stripe
- G1 BnG Braided Beauty's second stripe
- G1 BnG Pretty Vision's third stripe
- G1 BnG Curly Locks' first stripe
- G1 DnP Player
- G1 FF Flowerbelle
- G1 flutter Honeysuckle
- G1 flutter Rosedust
- G1 GnS Dazzle Glow
- G1 HT Romper
- G1 HT Squeezer
- G1 MGR Flower Bouquet
- G1 PP Bunnyhop
- G1 PP Sweet Pocket
- G1 Princess Moondust
- G1 Princess Serena
- G1 PBnG Brilliant Bloom
- G1 PBnG Star Gleamer
- G1 Raincurl's first stripe
- G1 Ringlet's third stripe
- G1 Streaky's first stripe
- G1 seapony High Tide
- G1 SS Stardazzle
- G1 SS Twilight
- G1 SS Wind Whistler
- G1 SW Glow
- G1 SW Little Flitter
- G1 SHS Sunblossom
- G1 SHS Sweet Sundrop
- G1 TAF Yum Yum
- G1 WW Flurry
- G1 TE Sky Rocket's fourth stripe
- G1 SS Hippity Hop
- G1 TE Sweet Pop's fourth stripe
- G1 TE Sweet Stuff's third stripe
- G1 MB Tornado
- G1 TE Mimic's second stripe
- G1 TE Party Time's first stripe
- G1 TAF Sundance
- G1 Sea Breeze's first stripe
- G3 Tulip Twinkle
- G3 Royal Bouquet
- G3 Cotton Candy
- G3 Dream Blue

HeartThrob ( CP Love Kisses)
- G1 Heart Throb
- G1 Baby Heart Throb
- G1 Baby Flicker
- G1 Birthflower Ponies
- G1 Sweet Scoops
- G1 Lil Tot
- G1 SS Truly
- G1 SS Taffy
- G1 TAF Sweet Tooth
- G1 Princess Royal Blue
- G1 BB Tex
- G1 Flutter Pink Dreams
- G1 Princess Misty
- G1 SB Sherbet
- G1 MM Floater
- G1 SB Cranberry Muffins
- G1 SB Strawberry Surprise
- G1 MGR Tassles
- G1 CC Sugar Apple
- G1 DnP Twirler
- G1 sparkle Baby Gusty
- G1 Kingsley
- G1 Baby Moondancer (pearl)
- G1 Baby Rainribbon's first stripe
- G1 seapony Ripple
- G1 Baby Shaggy
- G1 Baby Snippy
- G1 Baby Starbow's first stripe
- G1 Baby Sweetsteps
- G1 Baby Tic Tac Toe's second stripe
- G1 TE Tic Tac Toe's second stripe
- G1 TE Quacker's second stripe
- G1 Baby Quacker's second stripe
- G1 GnS Bright Glow
- G1 GnS StarGlow
- G1 PP Bubblefish
- G1 PBnG Star Gleamer
- G1 Streaky's fourth stripe
- G1 Stripes's first stripe
- G1 RB Half Note
- G1 SS Pretty Puff
- G1 Princess Royal Purple
- G1 SHS Rosy Love
- G1 WW Starry Wings
- G1 SHS Lovin Kisses
- G1 Birthday Pony
- G1 SHS Dainty
- G1 SS Fifi's stripe
- G1 Baby Fifi's stripe
- G1 Moonstone's first stripe
- G1 Parasol's first stripe
- G1 Skydancer's first stripe
- G1 Sunlight's first stripe
- G1 Windy's first stripe
- G1 Starshine's first stripe
- G1 SS Button's stripe
- G1 SS Bangles's stripe
- G1 BB Salty's stripe
- G1 MB Thundercloud
- G1 TE Galaxy's second stripe
- G1 TE Fizzy's third stripe
- G1 TE Sweet Pop's first stripe
- G1 TE Sweet Stuff's second stripe
- G1 Tootie Tails's third stripe
- G3 Blossomforth
- G3 Fingerpaints
- G3 Candy Apple

Tea Rose ( CP Bubble Gum)
- G1 Snuzzle
- G1 Cotton Candy
- G1 Bowtie
- G1 Sundance
- G1 seapony Sealight
- G1 Baby Pockets
- G1 Baby Moondancer
- G1 Baby Sundance
- G1 Confetti's second stripe
- G1 Flutterbye's second stripe
- G1 Pinwheel's second stripe
- G1 Starflower's second stripe
- G1 Peachy
- G1 Tickle's second stripe
- G1 Trickles's second stripe
- G1 TE Fizzy's first stripe
- G1 seapony Dipper
- G1 TE Locket's fourth stripe
- G1 Baby Bowtie

Strawberry Mousse ( No CP Match)
- G1 Apple Delight Family
- G1 MM Floater
- G1 Baby Sugarberry

Dusty Rose ( CP Coral Reef)
- G1 Cherries Jubilee
- G1 TAF Munchy
- G1 SHS Beautybloom
- G1 MM Windy
- G1 PBnG Skylark

Candytuft ( No CP Match)
- G2 Ivy

Kitten (No CP Match)
- G3 Always & Forever
- G3 Crystal Lake
- G3 Flower Garland
- G3 Breeze Fluffaluff
- G3 Frilly Frocks

Fairys Breath ( No CP Match)
- G3 Garden Wishes

Bubblegum ( No CP Match)


Blizzard ( No CP Match)
- G3 All My Heart's first stripe
- G3 Darling Dahlia
- G3 Flower Garland
- G3 Goodie Goodie

Virgin Snow ( CP Winter Frost)
ALL G1 ponies with white hair match this colour. Unless your pony's hair was originally Fading Pink (see above), then Virgin Snow is the hair colour you are looking for. However, most hair takes a tint after 20 or so years, so often Marshmallow (dollyhair) is a better match. Straight out of the factory, the hair was Virgin Snow, but aged hair is often closer to Marshmallow. Also, all G3 ponies that dont have Blizzard white hair will match Virgin Snow as well.
Anyone know any more to add and what about those hair stripes that some of the ponies have?
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I think this is a great idea! I'm not much help though. All I can really add is that Dollyhair's Atomic Turquoise is a very close match (if not exact) to G3 Anchors Away


I think it really is a big collaborative project. Each of us do have something we can add, no matter how small. Plus it will help in the future to have a guide here on the boards in case something ever happens to your websites, you know? It's a good backup. :)


I think this is a great idea! I'm not much help though. All I can really add is that Dollyhair's Atomic Turquoise is a very close match (if not exact) to G3 Anchors Away
Mermaid is closer. I wonder if a blend of mermaid and atomic turquoise would be exact. Any more g3 or g2?


May 15, 2009
Sour Grapes (CP Plum Pretty)

G1 Twinkler (Sparkle pony)

Looks to be a match. :)


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Apr 18, 2009
Oh my, this is a spectacular idea! I think it will be so helpful for restoration and custom projects!

It's helping me already! I want make a custom of my persona and I've been having a hard time deciding what the best matches will be just looking at the pics online. Already for 4 of the colors I can grab the ponies (all G3's since I know I took them right out of their packaging and their hair won't be faded) and put their hair side-by-side to see how it will look on the custom. :yay:


Wow this is a wonderful idea! It will take awhile but in the end will be well worth the efforts of our members! I am not much help though as I don't keep much of a stock of hair and I'm terrible at matching (lol you know who you are- the people who I've bugged about matching)


I don't mind helping in adding to this list. I've got some hair by me now that I can match up with a few G3's to help too.


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I have about 200 G3s all lined up right now. *lol* Unfortunately, they must take a dip in some Nature's Miracle and have a bath before I match them. One of my idiot cats decided to take a pee in the bag they were stored in. :cussing:


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Apr 18, 2009
I have about 200 G3s all lined up right now. *lol* Unfortunately, they must take a dip in some Nature's Miracle and have a bath before I match them. One of my idiot cats decided to take a pee in the bag they were stored in. :cussing:
OMG, I am so sorry that happened to you! I have a cat that occasionally will do that on my bed, but he hasn't on any ponies yet. I hope your ponies will be alright.


I have about 200 G3s all lined up right now. *lol* Unfortunately, they must take a dip in some Nature's Miracle and have a bath before I match them. One of my idiot cats decided to take a pee in the bag they were stored in. :cussing:
It's funny, but it's not funny. I'd be mad too, but you've gotta laugh at it. If I were closer, I'd lend you hand and some rubber gloves to clean up that mess.

I think we can all put together a pretty big guide. Here are some that I have for G3's

Sour Grapes (purple) - G3 Kimono, G3 Twinkle Hope stripe
Bubblegum (pink) - the darker batch, regular is close match - G3 Party Cake stripe, G3 2008 holiday Minty, G3 Fun Fairy stripe, G3 Hidden Treasure stripe
Pussycat (pink) - G3 2008 holiday Minty, G3 Hidden Treasure,
Forget Me Not (blue) - close match, but lighter - G3 Silver Glow
White Witch - close match, but a shade darker - G3 Silver Glow
Daiquiri Ice (light teal) - G3 Chilly Breeze stripe
Fairy's Breathe (light pinkish lavendar) - G3 Chilly Breeze stripe


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One of my idiot cats decided to take a pee in the bag they were stored in. :cussing:
Ahh, the joys of owning cats. :) When my Fuzzy was a tiny baby he crawled into a TRU bag and peed all over my MIB Twinkle Hope.


I've sent a pm to one of the mods and just waiting on a response. I'd like to organize this a lot better and add it into the tutorials section. Of course credit will be given to all who contributed and a link will probably be given back to this thread too.

My goal is to have a picture of the hair colors from each of hair sites like and with a listing of what ponies match that color and so on.

I can read a list all day long, but photos and colors are helpful for me too. Visual is always a lot more fun. ;)


Anyone else want to contribute? This guide will be a great help for restore projects too.