G3 G3 values?

Sapphire Stardust

So I have no idea what to charge on some g3 I'm selling whistle wishes for example since someone is interested in her anyone know her value (Some little red marker lines otherwise perfect)
Also looking for maybe a list of who's worth more and who's the basic 3 to 5 value I've heard most g3 are if that's true.
I originally planned to bulk sell the lot but they turned out to include nice ones and not be baity at all unexpectedly so I don' want to do that (sorry guys some I'll still do at the value including the ones I previously had yesterdaisy, scootaloo, pinkie pie, g3.5 pinkie pie and other pony who's name I forgot but the new ones I'm hoping to get values ontheres a ton though so I will ask as there is interest in them so far aurora mist though I'm not sure about selling her as I really like her and whistle wishes who I'm happy to sell)