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    Hello! I have a few girls i've been meaning to sell / trade! I'll be basing my prices off of ebay, and am up to negotiations if need be! Mostly all of these girls have been washed and cleaned to the best of my ability. For trade i'd be interested in carousel ponies and some TAF ponies.
    I'm posting a list of all my ponies, so if you want to trade you can see what i already have ! Prices in USD and don't include shipping.
    Pictures : https://photos.app.goo.gl/rynaLQkyje6we5yRA
    Brush n Grow Ponies!

    - Curly Locks
    Earth Ponies!
    - FF Minty FOR SALE. rerooted hair and she has difficulty standing up. 20$
    - Blossom
    - Bow tie
    Rainbow Ponies!
    - Parasol
    - Tickle
    - Powder FOR SALE. Discolored, and had some mold going on that i think i got most of. missing tail. 5$
    Twinkle eyed!
    - Masquerade. would rather trade for another TE, of more pastel colors. plastic is HARD. a little dirty but not bad. would sell, make an offer.
    - Sweet Stuff
    Twice as fancy!
    - Sugarberry FOR SALE, a little dirty, hair need some love, but not bad. 15$
    -Sundance FOR SALE, hair needs love, 10$

    Merry go round!
    - Sunny Bunch
    Candy Cane!
    - Sugar Apple
    - Pink Ember
    - Cuddles
    - Scoops
    - Merry treats x2
    -Peachy FOR SALE. overall good condition, but has a cancer mark. 5$

    G3 in red = FOR SALE. ALL G3'S ARE 3$!
    -Cotton Candy (I think i still have her? i need to find her)

    - Spring Breeze
    -Crystal Lace
    -Sand Dollar
    -Tea Leaf

    -Star Catcher
    -starsong "dreams"
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