Fusion Fall Numbuh 5 colors


Lil Bee
Aug 4, 2005
It's Sunday, I'm doing artwork-for-me artwork ( as in non-commissioned. And I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still Sunday for me. XP )

Final stage of "Fusion Fall: Numbuh Five"

I took everyone's suggestions in to consideration, and decided that best route would be to color the original style Numbuh 5 in flat colors, as in the original cartoon, Code NAme: Kids Next Door, and the Fusion Fall version Numbuh 5 as she's colored in the character design art of the Fusion Fall game.

Colored in both Photoshop CS3 and Open Canvas 3. Inked with india ink and brush.

Prints will be available for sale at AnimeNEXT 2009, and through Bee-Hive Studios ( through me. I won't use DA's Print service. ).

=Clicky here for 1st stage roughs=
=Clicky here for second stage roughs=
=Clicky here for the tight pencils=
=Clicky here for the finished inks=

"Numbuh 5", "Code Name: Kids Next Door", and "Fusion Fall" belong to Cartoon Network.