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Apr 25, 2012
Just feel like sharing my other form of traditional art media; water-colored drawings of anthropromorphic characters.

I started doing this back in 2007, I had a fellow artist friend in real life that did phenomenal works. My spouse was really into this artists' work, and I ended up getting inspired to draw a fursona of my own just for fun.

This ended with me drawing my fursona with my spouse's, then with other friends of mine then I went crazy drawing lots of original concepts as well as keeping motivating going by drawing other peoples' characters for giftart, because other peoples' characters inspired me greatly, it was a great way to interact with others, and accepting free requests challenged me with random concepts I would not have come up with on my own.

However in 2009, I came to point where I just didn't want to devote any time to drawing anymore. There's a whole list of reasons, and I think that's the best way to present it:

-The new dynamic shading I started doing with ink took too long, was too time-consuming, and killed my ink pens and caused me to cycle through them too quickly.

-Artist friend who originally inspired the beginning works had left our life

-Harsh unrealistic criticisms didn't allow for me to grow on my own through practice and self-taught discoveries that occur over time.

I think I generally didn't have anyone around at the time that was into traditional drawings and I felt I had no reason to keep going.

Well this last fall, I ended up going to my first fur convention. I was over-whelmed with happiness, it was the first time in a long time I was able to just get away from things and be "me" again, to discover things I liked, and it was a first time in a long time where I can recall truly feeling happy.

First thing I wanted to do when I got home, was to draw my fursona.

This was the result:

Her name is Mana Lai Ayerus. Name derives from my spouse's novel he started writing as a teenager, from a language he made up. So her name translates to "Magic Red Nova".

She is a fox fairy done in my favorite colors, and has tiger stripes/leopard spots. She also has a lightning bolt horn. She has a spell binder form where her eyes turn red, and has steam punk wings.

Here are her wings:
(Drawn this January)

Since then, my spouse and I have started attending fur meets at a bar down south, where we've networked and have met some amazing fellow furry friends.

This first one I did a gift composition for, goes by the name Zavian. His fursona is a snow leopard, and it inspires me.

This next one that really intrigues me, is a fun lively fellow who goes by the name Kougamax. She is a neon leopard and likes lots of candy. Must make more drawings that put more emphasis on the candy.

So that's mixing my motivation up a bit!

Not sure if I'd ever do commissions on these, I'm the type that when I do drawings I want to say "I'm going to do it this way, here it is, take it burn it if you don't like it".
I would probably quit drawing if I got customers that asked me to redraw anything, or stressed me out in the slightest... I'm really touchy about drawings...

So there you have it! Thanks for looking. All drawings are 100% traditional, not edited in any paint programs or photo manipulating programs.

Sketched, then inked in 0.8, 0.3 and 0.1 sized ink pens. Pencil erased from the ink then colored in watercolor pencils, blended with dampened Q-tips then finished with acrylic paint highlighted detailing, and milk gel pen.

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Mar 16, 2013
Wow, those are some nice colors. very rich.
I haven't exactly drawn fusonas per say, but I have whipped up quite a few characters, and have drawn the line work for a few friends' characters.

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Jul 26, 2005
Real good! Right-on! Very nice art..awww..


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Sep 7, 2010
Very lovely art :Wigwam:

bigmlpfan xx