Firefly Varient Pictures Need for Webpage


Crazy 'lil Alicorn
Hi all! I'm working on my website again now that the Fair is over. I decided to start with Firefly - she's such a pretty girl - and while I've taken pictures of most of my Merch and Firefly's I still need a lot of pictures of her variants. So this is me pleading for some picture donations... :blush:

Pictures are always credited and you'll all be my new best friends for life :lovey:


of course if you have any other pictures or info to donate to the cause (for any other pony) - you can pm them to me at any time.

Thanks so much for any help in advance!!


I have a Peru Firefly Picture you can use :smilepony:

and here's the link:

let me know if you need a different link, of even a different picture (I'll have to go to my sister's house and rummage her out, but that'll be nice as I miss them all! :LOL:)

Sadly, my Peru Firefly is my ONLY Firefly! (oddly enough) Hope to get more of her and a regular one one day :)

And let me know about any other ponies from different countries you need, I have quite a few!

Hope others have more photos! :satisfied: