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Apr 25, 2012
4 more of my latest works for the past month. Two for sale customs (Genesis and Inuyasha customs), a commission (Alien) and a sold custom (Princess Luna from Sailor Moon).

Update: adding Sephiroth to this thread.


Custom pony of Sephiroth from the video game Final Fantasy VII, only this particular design is of his Dissidia attire.

Pony base is an engineered pose- body of the core 7 clone pose, and head from a dynamic pose.

Full body repaint in flesh tone acrylics, eyes carefully hand-painted in realism textures to capture Sephiroth’s expression.

Mane/tail are re-rooted in dollyhair in the colors marshmallow, raincloud, arctic frost and nickel. Bangs lightly (yet permanently) styled with my hair gel method.

Pants are hand-sewn from a black cotton material. Boots and mid-drift are crafted from thick black leather, detailed with silver strips of leather.
Trench coat is hand-sewn from thin black deer skin leather. Buttons and detailing are sewn on, bead work strung on floral wire accents the belts and the right front leg. He has a partial white wing tucked under the train of his coat; wing is crafted from white leather, yellow sheer lace material, purple tattered leather and purple feathers.

Belt adornment is crafted from metal pieces from a clock. Detailed with rhinestones. Wing pendant on belt is a wing I cut off of a generation 3 McDonald’s rearing Starsong pony. I painted the wing in various grays, silvers and a metallic white acrylic pigment then pierced a hole in it and put a metal ring through the hole to attach a silver chain that connects to the rest of the belt. Detailed in rhinestones.

Shoulder armor is constructed from thick black leather. I then put some detail on it with hemp cording (cut into pieces) then painted over the entire pieces with various gray and silver acrylic pigments. Finished with rhinestones and a cerulean chain.
Navy blue sheer material adorns the right front leg below the armor.

Wing is crafted starting with a thick wire frame. I then sewed thick black leather around the frame, then glued black feathers over the leather; embellished it in various rhinestones and two shades of blue chain.

Sword has a wire base of which I glued two sides of silver leather to make the blade, then glued two stiff pieces of white leather together for the handle. Thick black plastic is used for the hilt, and I finished it off by wrapping black ribbon around the handle.
--+Second, Genesis Rhapsodos.+--


Custom pony of Genesis from the game Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, only this design is of his Dissidia outfit.

Pony base is a engineered pose- body of a diva pose, head of the standing pose with with popcorn for the symbol.

Full body repaint job in flesh tone acrylics; eyes also hand-painted, carefully layered in realism textures to capture Genesis’s expression.

Mane/tail are re-rooted in RetrollUS’s saran copper penny and tiger lilly hair, and dollyhair’s roasted almond and pomme d’ amor. Permanently styled in my hair gel method.

Outfit is constructed entirely of red and black leather. All hand-sewn. The woven-like detail is black suede leather strips I cut individually and constructed with pins and glue.

Wings are black leather hand-sewn around thick gauge wire, black feathers glued over the leather and embellished in rhinestones and chains.

Sword is two layers of thin silver leather fastened together, painted in red and silver acrylics. Hilt is two layers of black leather. Handle is painted silver web material with wire shaped, blue stones are rhinestones.

His “Loveless” book is all white leather with a few layers of leather inside the covers. Detailing is acrylic paint, embellished in black leather and gold metal rhinestones.

Next up available for sale, are customs of Kouga and Ayame from the anime Inuyasha.


Pony bases are generation 4 ponies with full body repaint jobs in flesh tone acrylics. Eyes also hand-painted in acrylic paints.

Mane and tail are re-rooted in saran RetrodollsUS hair in the colors mahogany and copper penny.
Bangs styled with a hair dryer.
Flower is hand-sewn fabric with a yellow flower bead with orange hemp cording knotted in the middle.

Outfit is real white rabbit fur. Used real fur because it’s thinner than my supply of faux fur.
Leggings are gray wide ribbon, Shirt is blue wide ribbon red shirt front is red bias tape with white hemp cording lining the edges.
Necklace is turquoise beads of which I fixed wire around them with pliers then tied them to black hemp cording.

Mane and tail are re-rooted in restore doll’s katsilk hair in the color black orchid, and RetrodollUS’s monofiber hair in the color called coal.

Outfit is brown faux fur I trimmed down. Navy blue bias tape used around waist and on backs of legs. White bias tape wrapped around hind legs. Torso section is gray ribbon with a thin silver metallic leather detailed in white hemp cording. Navy blue bias tape wrapped around neck, detailed in white hemp cording. Bangs slightly styled with my hair gel method.

Next up was a commission. Custom #3 of a 3-custom order that consists of Alien vs. Predator, and Metal Gear Solid Snake.

Pony base is a generation 1 pegasus of which I cut off the nose and ears of to make a more accurate Alien helm.

I left the body color original until I got all of the leather and hemp cording fixed to it. Helm, tail, coils; everything is hand-stitched leather with hemp cording detailing. Used wooden beads along the sides of the helm.

Tail is constructed from some heavy duty wire of which I sewed leather around then cut up small strips of suede for the detail.

After everything was constructed, I painted over the entire pony. Base layer of charcoal black acrylics, then did a burnt medium brown, then antique brown, then storm gray acrylics with a top layer of black.

Lastly, a custom I put up for sale that sold instantly: Luna’s human form as seen in the anime Sailor Moon.

Pony base is a generation 4 Princess Luna.

Full body repaint job in flesh-tone acrylics, shoes are painted golden yellow with yellow inca gold metallic pigment over top. Eyes layered and textured in realism expression, also painted in acrylics.
Cut the horn off of the forehead.

Mane and tail are re-rooted in RetrodollUS’s coal monofiber (black) and nylon dahlia (purple) hair.
Permanently styled in my hair gel method.

Outfit is hand-sewn from sheer navy blue/pale yellow scarf materials.
Necklace and anklet are yellow/gold beads strung on floral wire. Moons are leather I painted with acrylic paints.
Black flowers on front of dress are black mesh lace I sewed with painted black flower beads layered over top the lace.
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Apr 25, 2012
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