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Aug 1, 2017
I've been wondering- since the MLP brand started off as a toyline, does it or shouldn't it strike the early gen fans as odd that g4's fanbase doesn't necessarily gravitate or is fond of the toyline, much? Much like how the goth subculture is a MUSIC-based fanbase, MLP is a TOYLINE-based fanbse, though g4 fans deviate from that norm. And while there are many different avenues within the franchose to explore- the toyline, books, comics, animation,unofficial fan-creations, etc shouldn't the main focus of being a fan be on the toyline ponies?


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Jun 9, 2005
Perhaps with Hasbro's focus on the mane 6 and their lack of creativity when it comes to new characters and designs, it pulls the focus away from the toy. With G1s, there was such a variety that the focus was mainly the toys, which is why I am such a G1 fan. I like variety. I don't want a million different poses and outfits for the same character (talk about boring). I love having a million different characters instead.


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Feb 20, 2017
Hasbro has been focusing on the Mane 6, the only other characters they release are in sets unfortunately with more of the Mane 6 or in blind bags with very little detail and asymmetrical eyes. They don't have any variety when it comes to molds, they're either standing straight or have a single hoof raised. They also get lazy when it comes to costumes or anything like that. It's either painted on (only on the outside too, best examples are the pirate ponies from the movie) or it's like Polly Pocket where it's just a rubbery or slightly flexible plastic covering that doesn't stay well on the pony because the pegs don't fit right. The proportions are so bad that there's not enough room to put on the clothes provided.

Hasbro just keeps releasing the same 6 ponies with a few changes; extra gaudy symbols that cover the pony's tiny body, making them look more like something a small toddler with a marker made, rainbow tinsel to their oily hair, covering them with glitter in the most tacky way possible, giving them a few cheap accessories that are way too bulky for their little bodies. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't just slapped onto the same molds over and over and over again.

G4 lacks variety in its toyline, that's why fans aren't as drawn to it.
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Apr 25, 2012
Yeah new generation fans entered the fandom through the cartoon mostly

They still like to buy the g4 toys and some get a laugh at the lazily put together g4 toys as well.
Hasbro started doing it cheapily to keep the little kids entertained with the toys still as that's their intended audience

But economy was so much better back in 80's-90's I think they were able to afford to expand more during those times.

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Mar 18, 2018
Yeah, G4 is so focused on the cartoon that there's hardly any variety (unless you're a hardcore fan of the mane six). It's a shame that such a good show actually limited the toy line.

And G4 ponies look so different from the other ponies as well, with kind of a chibi style to them to make them ultra cute. The closest resemblence is the G2 with their smaller, slimmer look. I could see someone starting with G4 looking at G1 or G3 and going "OMG why are they so fat? That's ugly!" It's not fair, but I could see it.

A lot of that kind of thing depends on what version you grew up with too. Just look at Pokémon.