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EPIC NEWS !!! Down to Last Three Chapters.


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Apr 26, 2017
EXCITING NEWS ! ( Written Progress on Blossom and the Dragon )
  • Over 120000 word count Already written
  • I'm down to three chapters to completing the first novel in the series.

Finally Grouped the chapters.. Writing the chapter today
  • ( 37. Life with Skyler. )

Next Chapter. ( 38. Fight for Survival )
Final Chapter ( 39. Final Breath, New Life )

Super Excited. However, these Last two chapters are a Both Painfully Tragically Heartbreaking both to Read and write too.

Words of Inspiration....
"'The Greatest accomplishment a person could ever achieve in life. is believing in them self."'
Quote Author ( Laurie Ann Garland )

The best part about writing. Is Going to the First Chapter and reading the Whole Story all over again straight to the end...
OMG can't wait to Dive in and Finish.

Chapters Combined and number count downsized..

Screenshot (866).png

Once final chapter written next step read the whole book. Fix and Edit what I can. Then send to my Editor to have the Novel edited..

Hugs Everyone you are the Best.