Electric Blue ( custom swap for Ajcoecoe) pic heavey


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Aug 17, 2006
This is Electic Blue.
She was made for Ajcoecoe as part of the Arena's Element Custom Swap. I'm very happy that you like her so much hun!
Electic Blue is based on Aj's chosen element of electric and started out her life as a G3 Moondancer.
She took a short dye bath to give her a more intense blue color and was completely rehaired with nylon hair from Dollyhair in a custom blend of Forget Me Not and Water Nixie along with a streak of Daiquari Ice.
Her eyes and symbols were hand painted with artist quality acrylic paints and sealed for protection. Her eyes were sealed with a high gloss sealer to give them that watery look and symbols were sealed with matte.
Electric Blue's symbols are based on diagrams of electrical currents. They were painted in silver with accents of irredesent glitter for an extra spark. Small blue gem stones were added just because I liked them.
Her wings are made from wire and vellum, sealed with Modge Podge and coated in the same glitter as her symbols.

Enough with the talking....Here she is


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Ninja Kitty pony
Jun 16, 2005
Very pretty!! I love the blue and the wings!