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Dumpster trash I don't think so

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Aug 29, 2017
So the other day my mom and dad was going to the grocery store wail they were driving there they notice that some one throw away a bunch of stuff at the side of the road that looked like a yard sale I guess nothing sold in their yard sale so they throw it away everything so my mom gets out of the car to see if anything is good she looks a round and she sees something pink in Kroger bag when she looks in the bag she says to my dad theirs ponies in this bag then they bring them home to me I was so so happy the got ponies at the side of the road I told that it was 2 pinkie pie it was g3.5 and a g4.5 I told them all most manly who they were I can't believe some one would throw away a pony that horrible how would do something like that I'm so happy that they safe in my hands were they will be love and have lots of other pinkie pie to love them I will post pictures later when finished cleaning them up