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Jun 17, 2015
(reposted from Arena)

I have been busy working on customs these last few weeks! Aside from Coriander Cumin, who I finished in like...two days, I also have a few more in the works and figured I'd post pics of them!


First we have Levon Song, who is actually finished apart from his little glasses <3 He was kind of an experimental custom. I've never sculpted manes and tails for customs before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. It didn't turn out too badly, but I still think I could've done a better job. Oh well, next time! He was made from a G4 Pinkie Pie brushable, painted in acrylics, and his mane and tail were sculpted from Sculpey. Finally, I added a gloss varnish to his painted details (eyes, nose, lips, symbols) to make them less matte and stand out more, just like the Hasbro factory ponies.

Next, a boy I started and nearly finished yesterday! I have a serious soft spot for background/underappreciated FiM ponies (gee, can't you tell? Literally all my customs thus far have been FiM background ponies) and Burnt Oak is one of my faves! He just has such a nice feeling to him. Also he reminds me a bit of Sam Elliott for some reason, and he's one of my mother's favorite actors. So I decided to do a custom of him! This was my first time using a Fashion Style-size G4 for a custom (I used that extra Pinkie I just got in that shopgoodwill lot recently), and I have to say, they are much easier to work with than the regular brushable size. I highly prefer them. I am super, super happy with how all his painted features came out. I was really nervous about painting his eyes since it would stand out if I made any mistakes, and I think it came out just fine! I decided to try and copy the actual G4 painting style exactly, instead of doing my own thing with the soft shading and blushing as I usually do. I used the same gloss varnish method, and it looks great on him. I need to order him some hair and rehair him still, and get him a bandanna/hat, but he's coming along nicely.
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